May 8, 2024
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Alternative to Comet backup for MSPs

Akshatha Srinivas

Introduction: With the increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives, safeguarding our data through backups has become more critical than ever before. From protecting against accidental deletion to protecting against cyber threats and ensuring ...

Apr 24, 2024
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The American Privacy Rights Act: Safeguarding Data Privacy.

Akshatha Srinivas

Introduction: In a world where personal data has become the currency of the digital age, concerns surrounding data privacy have never been more critical. From social media platforms to online shopping, every click, tap, and scroll generates a t ...

Mar 21, 2024
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Blackcat Ransomware Attack: Impact on Healthcare and Ransomware Prevention

Akshatha Srinivas

Ransomware is a severe threat in today's digital world. It refers to malicious software that makes its way into computer systems, encrypting important files and demanding enormous ransoms, often in cryptocurrency, to regain access. No sector, including ...

Jan 26, 2024
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What Makes a Good Backup Solution?

Hong Gu Yoon

In the digital age where data is important to maintain, it's crucial to find a backup solution that will secure your files. There are many solutions provided when searching for one on the web. Due to the abundance of solutions, it might be difficult to de ...

Jan 22, 2024
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How to share SOLIDWORKS assembly files through a remote server

Hong Gu Yoon

SOLIDWORKS is a very popular computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software developed by Dassault Systemes. It is widely used for designing 3D models and creating detailed engineering drawings in various industries, including me ...

Nov 20, 2023
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How to share QuickBooks through a remote server

Hong Gu Yoon

QuickBooks is an accounting program created by Intuit Inc. Many businesses, in fact, about 30 million in the U.S. alone according to Fourlane.com, use QuickBooks for managing their financial transactions, invoicing, payroll, and other accounting tasks. It ...

Oct 11, 2023
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The Crucial Role of Private Cloud File Transfer Software for Lawyers and Healthcare Facilities.

Akshatha Srinivas

In today's digital age, the legal and healthcare sectors are familiar with the complexities of managing vast amounts of sensitive information. Lawyers handle confidential case files, contracts, and legal documents, while healthcare facilities are tasked w ...

Oct 2, 2023
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Implementing a Secure Attorney Portal for Orthopedics, Chiropractors, and Medical Offices

Hunaid Arif

In personal injury cases, effective communication and collaboration between attorneys, healthcare providers, and orthopedic specialists play a pivotal role. Chiropractors and orthopedics professionals often need to share vital files, medical records, ...

Aug 12, 2022
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Preparing Your Law Firm for a Secure Communication in 2023 and Beyond

Imran Hussain

Communicating and collaborating effectively and confidentially is an integral part of practicing law. Lawyers have an ethical obligation to ensure client confidentiality to maintain attorney-client privileges. This obligation requires every commun ...

Oct 22, 2021
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Need For a Secure HIPAA Compliant Remote File Sharing Application: Risks of Transferring Large Files, Challenges, And Solutions

Hong Gu Yoon

With the internet, it is easy for anyone to share large files. However, it has its challenges. The risks could lead to compromising the organizations' and customers' privacy. Hence, there is a need for a secure, remote file-sharing application or a re ...

Jul 20, 2021
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How To Avoid Malware Attacks On Your Business

Casey Eggers

Malicious spam campaigns have become more prevalent across multiple business communication channels in recent years. However, at the dawn of 2021, a new threat has been spreading which directly targets users of Slack and Basecamp. With these two outle ...

May 25, 2021
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Alternative to FileCloud

Casey Eggers

Whether you collaborate on a project with team members or simply want to share some files with friends, using file sharing software is the way to go. File sharing is the public or private sharing of computer data, digital media, documents or other ...

May 25, 2021
Views: 946

Safe Harbor Laws: A New Approach to Data Security Regulation

Casey Eggers

As online threats become more prevalent, many businesses and government institutions are looking to implement a more robust cybersecurity plan. Organizations continue to transfer data from physical files to online documents to ensure easier access and ...

Apr 6, 2021
Views: 2308

Alternative to Duplicati

Casey Eggers

Data collection is a pivotal part of everyday life when living in a digitized world. Whether it's storing photos on your phone, sharing files online, or saving important personal and private information, a large amount of personal information can be a ...

Mar 25, 2021
Views: 2865

Acer's $50 Million Ransomware Attack And How To Ensure Protection For Your Company Against Ransomware Attackers.

Casey Eggers

With $50 million dollars on the line, a recent ransomware attack on Acer may encourage other large organizations to take cybersecurity more seriously. Earlier this week, cybercrime group REvil made the highest ransomware demand ever to PC manufactur ...

Mar 22, 2021
Views: 868

Alternative To Egnyte

Casey Eggers

The nature of today's corporate environment is constantly changing as more and more businesses rely on remote work to ensure efficiency and success across all networks. As the work-from-home lifestyle becomes more and more popular amongst large corpor ...

Mar 19, 2021
Views: 1603

Alternative to NextCloud and OwnCloud

Casey Eggers

When looking to boost company productivity, it is important to have the right technology in your corner. Regardless of what business one is in, communication and accessibility are key. In today's digital age, having access to corporate information onl ...

Mar 11, 2021
Views: 1382

Alternative to Carbonite Backup

Blake Cohen

Businesses looking to securely back up their sensitive data to protect against data loss and ransomware attacks typically look for a full-suite backup solution that implements cloud infrastructure. Automated backups, remote monitoring, and file ac ...

Jan 29, 2021
Views: 2799

How to properly backup PST files

Hong Gu Yoon

PST (personal storage table) is a type of file used by Microsoft. It contains stored copies of emails, calendar events, and other data belonging to users in Microsoft software, such as exchange, outlook, and windows messaging. One benefit of PST fi ...

Jan 28, 2021
Views: 1869

Securely Transferring Government Files

Casey Eggers

As a nation, our reliance and dependence on the Internet have increased tremendously within the last year. Now more than ever, businesses are choosing to place their work in the hands of cyberspace for easier remote access. In business, education, and ...

Jan 11, 2021
Views: 1890

Alternative to Sophos Email

Casey Eggers

Businesses looking to protect their environment from threats of malware and ransomware attacks typically search for a secure mail server to ensure communication amongst colleagues and other organizations remains private. Removing viruses, scanning for ...

Dec 15, 2020
Views: 1167

File Management Tips for Photographers

Casey Eggers

Whether you are just joining the hobby of photography or you are looking to take your current photography business to the next level, it is clear that organization is a key to success. While you may have your equipment organized, it is essential to have y ...

Dec 11, 2020
Views: 2038

Help Businesses Stay Safe From COVID-19 with Disaster Recovery

Casey Eggers

The threat of COVID-19 has impacted the world tremendously within the last few months and it has no plans of disappearing anytime soon. As many attempt to fight the virus, the new normal has forced businesses to shift gears and evaluate their current busi ...

Dec 11, 2020
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Understanding Rsync: DeltaCopy and Syncrify

Casey Eggers

Whether your business is dealing with massive amounts of information on a daily basis, or simply has a few files that are consistently being modified, it is important to have a solution in place that ensures the safety and security of these documents! ...

Nov 4, 2020
Views: 1223

Business Benefits of Unlimited File Storage and Transfer

Casey Eggers

In a business setting, having essential information at the tips of your fingers is key. Whether you need your team to access a certain document or you wish to send a large file to a new client, these processes should be as simple as clicking a button. As ...

Nov 2, 2020
Views: 2119

Business Benefits Of Data Warehousing with Snowflake and WinSQL

Casey Eggers

As businesses continue to grow, so does the reliance on technology to ensure all company information can be found and stored in one safe location. Each company has one similar and imperative goal to get them on the path to success: make strong and long la ...

Oct 29, 2020
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Sharing Legal Documents - Private, Secure File Sharing for Lawyers and Law Firms

Blake Cohen

The legal world revolves around gathering, examining, and sharing large volumes of information on a daily basis. However, in this domain, much of these documents contain sensitive personal information that requires it to be handled privately. Mu ...

Oct 9, 2020
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Difference between full, differential, incremental and reverse incremental backup

Imran Hussain

Traditionally, there have been three types of backups: full, incremental and differential. All of these types have their strength and weaknesses and therefore, administrators have to weigh each option to see which works best for their scenario. Wh ...

Sep 24, 2020
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Adjusting to Online Learning: The After Effects of COVID 19

Casey Eggers

As schoolís become more and more reliant on technology to not only help educate but communicate, it is important to recognize the threats digital communication may pose to the education sector. Last year the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center determined t ...

Sep 17, 2020
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Benefits of backing up quickbooks to a remote machine.

Hong Gu Yoon

Many small businesses use QuickBooks to manage bills and payments and other payroll functions. According to Fourlane.com, there are more than 29 million small businesses who choose to use QuickBooks in the U.S. When working with QuickBooks, it's ve ...

Sep 15, 2020
Views: 2413

How to be HIPAA Compliant with your Data

Blake Cohen

Ensuring that the data you manage is HIPAA compliant is one of the biggest requirements when working with sensitive PHI (Protected Health Information). This constantly evolving process needs your organization to follow a specific set of guidelines a ...

Sep 11, 2020
Views: 8192

Team Collaboration with AutoCAD files

Imran Hussain

AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD and drafting software applications used by many architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Often users have to work together in a team as well as share large drawings among each other. This ...

Apr 7, 2020
Views: 1935

Transforming Remote Work From Tired and Tedious To Effortless and Efficient

Casey Eggers

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses have been taking initiative to beat the virus by allowing employees to work remotely. While working from home may provide some individuals with a boosted sense of productivity, many others may ...

Apr 7, 2020
Views: 1978

Finding Your Files At Home

Casey Eggers

As COVID-19 transforms your workspace from an office environment to a home environment, it is imperative to stay connected and up to date to ensure that business continues as usual. Whether you need to find the document you were last working on, or ...

Apr 7, 2020
Views: 2779

The Dangers of Coronavirus On Your Business

Casey Eggers

The Dangers of Coronavirus On Your Business As the coronavirus continues to run it?s rampid course through communities across the globe, it is important to be aware of the risks this virus holds not only on your health but on your private information ...

Oct 30, 2019
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Implementing Data Management

Hong Gu Yoon

Data Management Tools To Keep Your Company On Track and On Task: Sick of suffering from data errors due to drag and drop or copy and paste processes? Concerned that your information is being strung across too many different platforms? An effective ...

May 30, 2019
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The Best Backup Tool for your Business

Catherine Hoy

It's no secret that securing data is an integral function in day-to-day business operations. Quintillion bytes of data are created on average each day by both individuals and businesses. With the amount of data created each day, your business will inevi ...

May 6, 2019
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Let's Encrypt with Xeams!

Catherine Hoy

Secure Sockets Layer, more commonly known as SSL is a key system that authenticates, secures, and encrypts websites by installing a valid SSL certificate to a web server. SSL certificates help create a secure connection by using the HTTPS protocol b ...

Apr 1, 2019
Views: 5015

Celebrate World Backup Day with Syncrify

Catherine Hoy

Backing up your data is essential when it comes to protecting your digital infrastructure. The average adult spends about 11 hours each day interacting with their digital devices, creating over 2.4 quintillion bytes of data worldwide each day. Photo ...

Mar 21, 2019
Views: 4758

How to Improve Spam Filtering on Office 365

Catherine Hoy

Office 365 has become an attractive target for cyber-criminals. With such a massive user base, 155 million monthly users as of October 2022, comes a rise in specific attacks against the platform. Jaff , Locky, and ShurL0cker were major ransomware a ...

Feb 25, 2019
Views: 3171

Prevent Employees from Violating Company Policies Via Email with Xeams

Catherine Hoy

In today's digital age, email is one of the fastest and most common means of communication within an organization. Each day billions of business emails are sent globally that may contain contracts, financial information, confidential plans, personal ...

Jan 31, 2019
Views: 2427

Shared Projects and Syncribox, a better way to Collaborate in the Workplace

Catherine Hoy

With more and more people working from home, working in different time zones, and traveling to different offices or locations during the day, employees must stay connected with their colleagues more than ever. Collaboration in the workplace is one o ...

Jan 31, 2019
Views: 285616

FTP vs HTTP for File Transfer

Hong Gu Yoon

FTP is traditionally used for transferring files. Recently, HTTP(S) has become a more popular way of transferring files. This article talks about the pros and cons of using FTP(S) verses HTTP(S) for transferring files. Before we get into this, let's ...

Jan 4, 2019
Views: 90215

No, This Email is Not from your CEO. It's a BEC Scam

Catherine Hoy

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen a surge in ransomware attacks and data breaches in large corporations in the news, and have received the occasional phishing email. This poses a great threat to email security for both large corporat ...

Nov 16, 2018
Views: 403065

Synametrics Technologies Attends Cloud Expo in New York City

Catherine Hoy

Earlier this week, Synametrics Technologies attended SYS-CON Media's 10th annual Cloud Expo at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. And it was a great success! Cloud Expo is an annual conference held in New York City that brings leaders from the ...

Nov 1, 2018
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Worst Practices to Avoid When Backing Up Data

Catherine Hoy

The only way to guarantee your digital data is fully protected from computer crashes, breaches, cyber threats, and natural disasters where data can be lost is by having a backed-up copy. While it is important to have a backup and recovery plan in p ...

Oct 23, 2018
Views: 185278

Password Protect your Emails with Encryption by Xeams

Catherine Hoy

Most businesses' main form of communication is through email. In fact, according to The Radical Group Inc. about 128 billion business emails are sent each day. It's safe to assume some of these emails contain confidential and sensitive information, ...

Sep 28, 2018
Views: 340406

6 Ways to Identify a Phishing Email

Catherine Hoy

In our last post, we discussed the latest growing trend in cybercrime, fake ransomware. One thing we did not touch on is how ransomware both real and fake infects your computer and devices. The most common way ransomware invades your computer Is through ...

Sep 14, 2018
Views: 231258

Fake Ransomware is NOT Fake News

Catherine Hoy

You see this message pop-up on your computer screen: and realize your computer is under the attack of ransomware. All of your important files and documents become encrypted and they only way to access the decryption password is to pay the ransom fee b ...

Aug 31, 2018
Views: 443714

5 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Data Recovery Plan

Catherine Hoy

Cyber Security threats and data loss are nothing new, so why is it that 47% of small businesses still don't have a data backup plan? Every business, large or small is built on data to keep running and no business is impervious to a potential cyber atta ...

Aug 22, 2018
Views: 66571

Good Passwords Are Key to Good Security

Catherine Hoy

What are the most important measures you can take to improve your online security? Research done by Google shows that security experts answered this question with a focus on password security. Passwords should be strong and unique, they should not inc ...

Jul 31, 2018
Views: 233293

5 Advantages of Cloud Backup

Catherine Hoy

Managing and protecting data has become an integral practice for many businesses. As technology advances, the cloud is becoming a popular trend among data based tools, backup being one of them. We want to discuss 5 advantages cloud backup has over is pred ...

Jun 25, 2018
Views: 306545

Best Practices to use to Effectively Work From Home this Summer

Catherine Hoy

Working remotely has slowly become the new norm for many business and employees. According to a Gallup Study, 43% of Americans reported they spend some of their work week in a remote location. Now that summer has officially started, these numbers will ris ...

May 18, 2018
Views: 125228

Evolution of Ransomware

Catherine Hoy

Ransomware has been around for decades, however within the past year, we have seen an influx of high profile attacks. WannaCry, the most notorious for 2017 is one of the most devastating attacks in ransomware history. According to Barkly, as of 2017 ...

Apr 13, 2018
Views: 292451

Spring Cleaning your Devices

Catherine Hoy

Spring has finally sprung, and for many this means its time for the annual purge know as spring cleaning. While most opt to declutter their homes, closets, and cars theres one space that is often left out. Their digital space. Taking the time to clean out ...

Mar 19, 2018
Views: 309315

What is GDPR?

Catherine Hoy

In the age of the internet, privacy is a huge concern and when a data breach occurs personal information gets lost and even stolen. It's not always know where this information winds up, but it is almost always in the hands of someone with malicious intent ...

Dec 7, 2017
Views: 276251

MailSploit Allows Hackers to Perfectly Spoof Emails

Catherine Hoy

Faking your identity is nothing new when it comes to the internet. Scammers, identity thefts, and cat fishers have been doing it for years. But thanks to a discovery made by Sabri Haddouche, we can now spot email fraudsters before they strike. Emai ...

Nov 17, 2017
Views: 330966

Single-Tier Vs. Multi-Tier Backup

Catherine Hoy

Backing up your information is essential to ensure it is safe from computer crashes, breeches, cyber threats, and any disaster where data can be lost. It is wise to create a data retention plan and invest the security of your to mitigate any of the ment ...

Nov 9, 2017
Views: 359277

File Sharing Made Simple with SynaMan

Catherine Hoy

File sharing is an integral part of any company, but sometimes the process to share files can become extremely complicated. The size of the file could reject it from being delivered, there is potential of security breeches from 3rd party viewers could com ...

Oct 26, 2017
Views: 336494

Guaranteed Privacy with Syncrify Backups

Catherine Hoy

One of the most important features companies and home users want from a cloud backup solution is privacy. Their main concern is the possibility of a data breach in their providers servers. Many cloud services cannot promise guaranteed safety of your pri ...

Aug 29, 2017
Views: 145015

Backup Alternative for Crashplan Users

Catherine Hoy

With the recent news of Crashplan's exit from the consumer cloud backup market, we know many of you will be looking for a new solution to switch to. We encourage you to try Syncrify, our private cloud solution. Syncrify is free for home use and is on ...

Jul 28, 2017
Views: 328147

New Version of Syncrify Has Been Released

Catherine Hoy

Syncrify is a private cloud backup solution. A private-cloud backup and synchronization tool that offer a secure and private way to backup files. Pay once and use it forever. No monthly, usage or bandwidth charges. We have recently released a major upd ...

Jul 19, 2017
Views: 367080

How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware

Catherine Hoy

This past May and June, we saw two very large and very malicious ransomware attacks sweep across parts of the world. WannaCry, hit on May 17, 2017, targeting computers running Windows OS. Within just one day of the attack, WannaCry infected 230,000 comput ...

Jun 9, 2017
Views: 215149

Spam by the Numbers

Catherine Hoy

This infographic provides insight on important statistics of spam emails. ...

Jun 6, 2017
Views: 445138

How Syncrify Helped Recover a Stolen Laptop

Catherine Hoy

Recently, we discovered Syncrify isn't just good for backing up your devices. A hidden feature of Syncrify, never intentionally incorporated into our original design, was brought to our attention by one of our resellers, Mike. Now, we can say with cert ...

Apr 25, 2017
Views: 305915

The SynaMan Business Rules You Should be Utilizing Right Now

Catherine Hoy

SynaMan makes file sharing anywhere at anytime simple. But if you think SynaMan, is just a remote file manager, you?re mistaken. Thanks to our developers, SynaMan has so much to offer. Looking beyond ordinary file sharing tools, SynaMan is packed with ad ...

Mar 22, 2017
Views: 466056

7 Common Email Scams and Their Warning Signs

Catherine Hoy

Spam email floods everyone's inboxes. While most choose to ignore them, some opt to open them lending themselves to the repercussions of spammers. In today's blog, we will discuss what some of the most common spam emails sound like, how they can affect yo ...

Dec 21, 2016
Views: 403521

7 Hidden Gems you Should be Using in Xeams

Catherine Hoy

Xeams makes it easy to filter spam and determine where these messages are coming from. But if you've never explored beyond the admin console you've been missing out! Our developers have packed Xeams with advanced features that allow you to: watch your inb ...

Nov 21, 2016
Views: 305396

Xeams' New Temporary Email Address Feature

Catherine Hoy

When it comes to true spam detection, Xeams changes the game. Our development team is constantly working hard to find new ways of improving Xeams and tackling spammers. The latest Xeams update now allows you, our users to create temporary email addresses ...

Nov 9, 2016
Views: 239761

How the Trump Presidency Could Affect Cyber Security

Catherine Hoy

Its official, last night Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States. This long waited announcement has come with a rollercoaster election year that none of us could tear our eyes from. It seems like we've heard both main par ...

Nov 7, 2016
Views: 472743

A Brief History of Backup Solutions

Catherine Hoy

This infographic takes a look at backup options and the changes made since its inception: ...

Sep 30, 2016
Views: 437459

How to Protect your Computer from Getting Sick

Catherine Hoy

Unlike humans, computers are not living and breathing beings, but did you know they can still get sick? According to CNN, in 2014 there were over 317 million malware detections reported! That means each day 1 million harmful computer threats were creat ...

Sep 20, 2016
Views: 140026

Does Size Matter?

Catherine Hoy

When it comes to file sharing that is. Not anymore when you ingrate SynaMan and Xeams! File size limitations are now a thing of the past when sending emails with large attachments. You will no longer?see that annoying error message pop up when sending ...

Sep 13, 2016
Views: 262265

SPAM Mail: How it Began and How it can End.

Catherine Hoy

In a study conducted by McAfee, email spam was reported as the biggest technology time waster. About 50 percent of Americans say they spend 40 minutes each day sifting through spam mail. This amounts to 10 days each year or 780 days in the average lifespa ...

Apr 20, 2016
Views: 300278

Inside Cryptolocker Virus: How it Works

Alyssa Fern

Cryptolocker virus is a major issue that has been passing via email to novice users by disguising itself as either a harmless PDF document, Microsoft Document, or a Text File. Users need to be informed that these files are far from harmless and begin en ...

Apr 7, 2016
Views: 304643

IT Products Vs. IT Services

Alyssa Fern

Many IT software companies offer their customers services rather than products. You may be asking yourself, what is the difference between products and services? A product is something concrete and it is something tangible. Products are items that you can ...

Mar 28, 2016
Views: 265301

New Version of Xeams Released 03/28/16

Alyssa Fern

A new version of Xeams is being released today working one step closer towards blocking Cryptolocker virus! As you may already know, Xeams is an email messaging and anti spam system that eliminates 99% of junk mail from your inbox. It automatically filter ...

Mar 21, 2016
Views: 3261

Perpetual Licenses: What do they mean and Why should I want them?

Alyssa Fern

At Synametrics Technologies, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality software products for the most unbeatable price as possible. When developing our software, your satisfaction is our main priority. Part of our unique offering is providing ...

Mar 18, 2016
Views: 4322

Spring Cleaning: Getting Rid of the Junk in your Mailbox

Alyssa Fern

Junk mail is frustrating and a disruption to your email messaging system. It has the potential to take up all of your storage space and can be tedious to sort through. There is also an added risk of contracting a computer virus by accidentally opening a m ...

Feb 17, 2016
Views: 196346

The Consultant's Burden

Hunaid Arif

The daily tasks on an IT consultant, who has multiple clients can, can often be difficult and a burden. Keeping all the tools they will need for clients' systems, making sure systems stay updated, securing their data, and ensuring they have proper technol ...

Dec 16, 2015
Views: 184566

Cloud Benefits In-House

Mike P

The cloud has been one of the hottest sectors in the technology industry, without reason. The cloud embraces several important technical advances that improve performance and security. And for some, it can mean cost savings.? But not everyone ...

Dec 15, 2015
Views: 319505

A Great Way to Send Large Files by Email

Joma Promentilla

Transferring large files over the Internet has always been trickier than it should be. It's at its trickiest when your primary file exchange method is through email. Up to a point, you can just attach the file to the message. But once file sizes h ...

Aug 18, 2015
Views: 138398

6 Tips for Safe Remote Computing

Mike P

We put the best security capabilities we can into our products, but we can't do it all. You should be aware of other products and - more importantly - safe practices that thwart the common cyber attacks that victimize innocent users. In a pre ...

Jun 26, 2015
Views: 86957

Cryptolocker - How to avoid it and steps if you are infected

Imran Hussain

CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan that encrypts data files on infected computers and then asks for money should users wish to restore them. Email is the most common mechanism for getting this type of virus, whose actual payload is often hidde ...

Jun 25, 2015
Views: 202775

The Case for an On-Premises Email Filter, or "Donít You Touch My Junk!"

Joma Promentilla

Outsourcing your spam filtering has advantages, but requires you to trust all your email to an unknown third party. Do you really want to do that? Think about the kinds of things that are in your organization's email: Personal details of yo ...

May 28, 2015
Views: 401849

Build Your Own Private Cloud Storage Server for under $1000

Imran Hussain

With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, there are plenty of opportunities for your data to be compromised. And it is possible to experience data loss. However, if you implement a security plan and backup your data, there is no reason to stress ...

Apr 13, 2015
Views: 189691

Single vs Multi-tier Backup

Hunaid Arif

With so many backup technologies and products on the market today, it can become very difficult to understand and select the right technology for your environment. Although most backup software perform similar tasks, the methods used by these products c ...

Apr 2, 2015
Views: 411423

Secure Backup for the Healthcare Industry

Joma Promentilla

The healthcare industry holds many IT concerns that require more than the standard security solution. Even normal safety operations like backup require special considerations. Compliance Your care of health care data is subject to the stringe ...

Mar 28, 2015
Views: 235009

Private cloud backup using QNAP NAS

Imran Hussain

In this article, we will demonstrate how to maximize the capabilities of your QNAP device and enable it to act as a private cloud backup repository using Syncrify. Although QNAP comes with a nice application allowing you to backup machines on ...

Mar 18, 2015
Views: 126144

Better file sharing than FTP is out there

Joma Promentilla

When presented with the need to share files with users outside the network, many businesses rely on the File Transfer Protocol ?(FTP) server that came with their web hosting plan. While FTP can certainly do the job, it also has many limitations. Mod ...

Mar 18, 2015
Views: 328155

Exploring Backup Strategies in the Enterprise

Joma Promentilla

Data backup is an insurance plan, and every enterprise should consider how to recover data when a accident or disaster occurs. Without a backup solution, companies are left with nothing to fall back on. Luckily, there are several option ...

Feb 26, 2015
Views: 221404

MS Exchange Does a Lot, But You Can Make It Do More

Mike P

Do you have Microsoft Exchange Server? You probably do; almost everyone does. Exchange does a lot for you, but it doesn't do everything. Third party solutions can make a Microsoft Exchange Server more secure, provide failover backup, and enable it ...

Feb 22, 2015
Views: 361661

Not Everyone Wants the Cloud

Mike P

For all its benefits, cloud computing requires customers to take a leap of faith that their provider will secure their information. Cloud computing is the hot thing in IT and the companies will tell you moving to the cloud is inevitable ...

Feb 22, 2015
Views: 148149

Bare Metal Vs File-Level Backup

Imran Hussain

Bare Metal Vs File-level Backup The importance of data in today's corporate world is akin to a heart in a human body. A company's reputation can be severely damaged if data is lost. Your backup strategy is like an insurance policy - it should i ...

Oct 17, 2014
Views: 452993

POODLE Vulnerability Fixes (Disable SSLv3 and SSLv2)

Mike P

Introduction POODLE allows malicious attempts on a server's SSLv3 protocol via man in the middle attack. ?Anything web based that uses this protocol can be compromised. POODLE Fix For Apache And Nginx For Some Linux Flavors Ngin ...

Sep 17, 2013
Views: 328110

Linux: Starting Programs On Boot

Mike P

Introduction There are many flavors of Linux today. In some scenarios, it isn't possible to know all of the features of each flavor and while knowing the basis of Linux helps, it can be helpful and sometimes more convenient to know what each ...

Aug 2, 2013
Views: 89701

How to use an Apache SSL certificate in Java

Hunaid Arif

When using a Java server such as TomCat, most administrators will want to use a SSL certificate they have already purchased for Apache HTTPD. Our goal is to walk you through the instructions of converting an SSL certificate to a Java certificate. ...

Jun 21, 2013
Views: 234546

Server side vulnerabilities in Java

Hunaid Arif

Oracle regularly releases updates of Java improving its security vulnerability. In many cases, perception prevails over reality and users begin to think Java is bad. The reaction to this perceived notion is usually extreme - meaning the administration may ...


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