A homogeneous solution for heterogeneous environment

A universal database tool that works with almost every database available in the market today.

What can it do for you

Universal Connectivity

Connect to a variety of databases, including: heavy duty vendors Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix to lightweight backends like MS Access, DBase, and Text File.

Dynamic Executables

Generate royalty-free executables that can be used by your business users to run queries. These can be either static or dynamic queries that pull fresh data from the back-end.

Works with MS Excel

Export or simply open any query results into MS Excel with just a click of your mouse. You can even import an existing Excel spreadsheet to a database table by simply dragging an *.XSL file in the catalog tree.

Data Migration

Import data from any database and export it to another back-end with a simple drag-n-drop.

Schema and Data Diff

Generate schema and data diff reports between two similar back-ends, such as your development and production DB.

E/R Diagram

Easily visualize your database design by either letting WinSQL draw the diagram or you create it manually.

A homogeneous solution for heterogeneous environment

It's like a Swiss-Army knife for database development.

Connect to almost any RDBMS
Run queries to view and modify data
Import/Export Data with drag-n-drop
Visualize design with E/R Diagrams
Integrate with MS Excel
Generate royalty free executables
Generate test data
Scheduled tasks
Compare schema and data differences
SQL Wizards to generate queries with mouse clicks
Maintain historic data and auto-save sessions
and a lot more...


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