WinSQL Home WinSQL is a universal database management tool that works with almost every relational database in the market. It's like a swiss army knife for individuals who work with multiple databases in their day-to-day life

Syncrify HomeA private-cloud backup and synchronization tool that offer a secure and private way to backup files. Pay once and use it forever. No monthly, usage or bandwidth charges.

SynaMan HomeShare large files with business colleagues and friends privately - without any third-party ever getting involved. Attach large files to emails without any problem. Access your private files from any mobile device.

Xeams HomeSimply the best anti-spam solution in the market. Works with any email server, including MS Exchange, Zimbra, Sendmail and others. Blocks spam from reaching your corporate email server.

Products VS Services

Unlike our competitors, we sell products. This means:

No monthly fees
No setup fees
No limit on disk space
No bandwidth usage fees
Pay once and use it forever

Discover our products and the rigorous process of theircreation. Our principles are creativity, design, experience and knowledge, backed by 20 years of research.

About us

Synametrics Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in Monroe, New Jersey that have been providing solutions for the IT community since 1997. Based on the success of our initial product offerings, such as WinSQL, Xeams, SynaMan and Syncrify, we continue to create and hone innovative products that help our customers get more from their computer applications, databases, and infrastructure. To date, over one million users around the world have chosen Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs.

Here at Synametrics, we believe you can get more:
More performance
More productivity
More reliability
More value

Yet, we do not believe that means you have to pay more. This is why we offer our customers quality software products at competitive pricing. Customer satisfaction with our services is our number one priority. We will continue to strive to give you more in technological advancements for affordable pricing.

Innovations like WinSQL allow programmers and business users to use one tool to access multiple databases. Move data from one source to another with simply dragging and dropping tables.

SyncriBox, which allow users to synchronize files on multiple machines without compromising on security.

Our products are created using the latest technological innovations currently available in the market

With over 20 years of experience designing and developing products, Synametrics Technologies, Inc. have gained tremendous respect in the industry.

Our products are proudly designed, maintained and supported in the United States

Unlike many competitors, we do not out-source our design/development and support to third-party countries to cut costs. This results in outstanding products and a world class support.

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Our Clients

  • I cannot begin to describe how awesome this (SyncriBox) is! This is absolutely phenomenal! On its own, Syncrify is hands down the best backup I've used in 17 years of this work (for onsite, I use either Windows 10 backups or StorageCraft, which is in and of itself, phenomenal). But for offsite, secure backup, I am convinced there is no better service anywhere in the world. And then, you add SyncriBox to it. Wow, you guys (and gals?) are the best. Thank you so very, very much for this - it makes my heart sing!

    Steve Waterman, Central Computer & Networks
  • Syncrify is one of the best server/client programs i have come to use in many years! I am using it over 3 laptops at the moment will be adding more computers soon. 2 laptops are running Windows 7 and one is a Mac Book Pro. My Windows machines are on the same local LAN as my server and the Mac Book Pro is backing up over the internet to my server. Easy to setup and pretty much running on its own.. Thanks for the awesome software and keep it up! Would like to see much more from Syncrify in the future!

  • Just wanted to congratulate Synametrics Team for coming up with SyncriBox. I am fond of using DropBox - SyncriBox is now my new love. Thank you very much for continuously improving Syncrify and keeping it at an affordable price.

  • I love the ability of WinSQL to create executables with parameters. This feature alone has made WinSQL my favorite tool. I have created over fifty executable files that are used by business users in my company allowing them to get their data on-demand without getting me involved.

    Rafia Tapia, Delta Information, Inc.


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