A Remote File Manager

Share large files with colleagues without compromising on security.

How It Works

Install SynaMan Server

Installing SynaMan takes minutes. Everything you need is bundled in a single package. No databases or web servers to configure.

Configure Users/Folders

Add users and create virtual folders. Finally, grant access permission to users so they can access folders you want.

Access Your Files

User any browser, either on a desktop or a mobile device to access files. Users can also map drives across the Internet.

What can it do for you

Share Files

Share large files with business colleagues directly from your network - no third-party will ever get involved.

Anytime, Anywhere

Files can be accessed from any where on the Internet using a browser, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

No limits

No limits on files size, amount of data transferred or bandwidth throttling. Unlimited users.

Send Files Via Email

Attach large files in emails without getting rejected by the recipient. It does not matter if the file is 5MB or 500MB.

Active Directory

Integrates with Active Directory running inside your organization.

Maximum ROI

SynaMan is a product, not a service. You invest in a perpetual license or pay-as-you-go. Your choice.

100% On-premises File Sharing - 100% secure - Compliant with policies, authentication and logging

Run SynaMan on public cloud, such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure while staying 100% private.

100% Private Cloud Solution

100% on-site solutions
No third-party will ever see your data
Enterprise Security
Active Directory Integration
Security alerts and intrusion detection
Connect from anywhere, any device, any time
Unlimited data transfers
Mapped drives across Internet
Complete Access/Audit logs
A smart replacement for FTP server
Send large attachments from emails
Command line access through scripting
Transfer notifications via email
2 Factor Authentication
Single Sign-On
FIPS 140-2 Compliant
Secure transfers without VPN


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