SyncriBox A secure alternative

SyncriBox is a private cloud based and secure alternative to services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox and Box. It provides an easy way to store shared files that can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. It is designed to synchronize documents, music files, images and other similar files.

What Makes SyncriBox Unique

From a functional standpoint, SyncriBox is similar to DropBox, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and others with the following two differences:

1 No privacy issues Files are synchronized using Syncrify Server, which is under your control - meaning no third party will ever see your files. Therefore, no security or privacy issues.
2 Maximum ROI There is no limit on how much data is synchronized. No usage fees, no bandwidth throttling and no limit on the number of users.
3 No Extra Cost SyncriBox is a feature of Syncrify, not a separate product. Therefore, it is included with every license of Syncrify Client and there is no extra cost for using it. Click here for details.

SyncriBox provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic synchronization - files are pushed and pulled immediately after modification. No scheduling required.
  • Minimal configuration - the interface just asks 3 questions:
    • Server URL
    • Login ID
    • Password
    Everything else is configured automatically.
  • Access from anywhere - access files from any mobile device or computer
  • Auto-encryption - Files can be encrypted by a system-generated key that is unique to every installation
  • No extra cost - There is no extra cost of using SyncriBox if you are already using Syncrify Client on a machine

Click to see how to use SyncriBox


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