Success Stories

Canada Post

When Canada Post, Canada's primary postal operator, contacted Synametrics in December 2014, its query revolved around whether Syncrify, our private cloud backup software, could enable them to push large files to several of their facilities around the country. These images were snapshots of entire computers with gigabyte file sizes. Read more...

Kootenay Lake School District

Educational organizations depend upon on-demand data systems as the lifeblood of business operations - from student and faculty records to professional research and content, administrative applications, and more. Loss of data can prove costly - for example, data containing records, exams and research information. . Read more...

Joseph Podlesnik

Joseph Podlesnik, an award-winning professional photographer and art educator (at Stockton University in New Jersey and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh,) was concerned about the potential loss of his data,including thousands of photographs stored on an external hard drive and more recent photos on his local C drive. Upon learning that Syncrify. Read more...


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