Canada Post A success story

Customer - Canada Post, Canada's primary postal operator


Need to:
  1. Push large PC image files from central location in Ottawa to multiple target locations throughout Canada.
  2. Maintain backup image files at target locations to enable switching back and forth between older and newer image versions, as needed.


Client installed the Syncrify server in Ottawa, its central location, and then installed the intuitive Syncrify Client program on maintenance computers around the country for purposes of synchronization. This enabled Canada Post to successfully push image files to different sites, as desired, and using Syncrify's unique capabilities, give their satellite locations the ability to roll back to older images, as needed.


When Canada Post, Canada's primary postal operator, contacted Synametrics in December 2014, its query revolved around whether Syncrify, our private cloud backup software, could enable them to push large files to several of their facilities around the country. These images were snapshots of entire computers with gigabyte file sizes. Additionally, the postal service wants to be able to keep backup image files at target locations so post offices could switch back to older versions as needed.

Syncrify, our multi-tier backup system, makes this type of long-distance, off-site backup fast and efficient, a necessity for this particular project. Our comprehensive multi-platform data protection service allows multiple customer machines to backup files/folders to a central repository within its own enterprise. It provides 100% security and allows customers to access their files from anywhere at any time. It also offers across-the-board folder synchronization and an incremental backup feature that intelligently recognizes small changes to larger projects, which makes backup jobs run faster and more smoothly.

Canada Post purchased a Syncrify site license, a bundle of 100 licenses. Our support team worked with the postal service to customize its use of Syncrify to fulfill all its goals. Following the purchase, our team remotely logged in through a screen share system and worked with Canada Post employees to develop customized scripts using our Post and Pre Plugin, which enables them to massage data both before and after its receipt and to keep the backups they need. Canada Post is now successfully working with these large virtual machine image files, and has expressed satisfaction with the way Syncrify has been able to meet its needs.


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