Backup Software For MSPs

Use Syncrify to provide backup service to your clients.

Syncrify is perfect tool to complement your services. Backup your client's data to your infrastructure and increase your ROI.

Why Syncrify?

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue by adding a backup service to your portfolio. Securely backup your client's data to your network.

You're In Control

Pricing for the software is not based on amount of data or network bandwidth. In other words, you're in control on how much to charge your clients.

Reduced Network Usage

Syncrify uses the rsync algorithm to transfer files. This means only modified data within files is transferred, allowing you to serve many clients on a limited server resources. More info...

Central Management

Manage clients from a central web-based platform, allowing you to trigger backup, run reports and troubleshoot common problems faster and efficiently. More info...

Maximize ROI

You invest in purchasing the software once and provide a subscription based service to your client. Enjoy recurring revenue based on pricing that you decide. More info...

Secure And Reliable

Your client's data is encrypted in-transit as well as at-rest giving them confident their private files will stay private.

Our Software, Your Service

Syncrify is designed to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to increase their revenue by adding backup as a service to their portfolio. It provides a secure, reliable and highly scalable environment you can count on.

Your Terms

Syncrify allow your customer's data to be stored on your terms, giving you most flexibility and cost advantage. You decide if data stays on your LAN or cloud.

Deployment Options

Hold backup repositories at your client's site as well as store a copy on your end for maximum protection. Multiple copies of the data provide added protection against ransomware.

Restore Options

Restore files either from the client, from the server or using a browser from any device. Optionally, put it on a USB drive and restore manually.

Comparing Syncrify With Other Solutions

Subscription vs Perpetual Pay once, use it for ever. Most competing solution charge you a monthly fee.
Cost You decide how much to charge. You get a percentage of their revenue.
Limitations No limitation related to storage or bandwidth. Cost depends upon storage and bandwidth used.
Branding Put your company's face on the product. Some companies do not allow branding.
Deployment Deploy on your premise or cloud. Dictated by the software.
Scalability Uses rsync to reduce network traffic. Often transfers entire file, increasing network usage.

Are you a Managed Service Provider?

Combine your impeccable service with our exceptional software to devise a remarkable solution.

FAQ about MSP Backup

You have several options:

To your LAN - provided you have a high-speed Internet connection. You could also create a snapshot of the data to public cloud, such as AWS, Azure, Google Storage or Wasabi.

To your client's LAN - either in the same physical location or another office, with an option of copying the data remotely to your LAN.

We have two models for becoming a partner:

  • Provide Backup as a service
  • Become a reseller
Click here for details.

No. There is no minimum. However, branding is enabled once you go past 50 licenses.

Two types of encryption is available when using Syncrify:
In-Transit Encryption - This is provided by using HTTPS when data is transferred.
At-Rest Encryption - This is provided by AES encryption. Files are encrypted on the source (client) and then copied to the destination.

MSPs decide that. You pay use a one-time licensing fee and charge a monthly subscription fee from your clients. You could also charge your customers based on the amount of data they backup. Refer to our pricing page for details.

Yes. Syncrify comes with plugins for:

MS SQL Server
MS Exchange

Click here for further details.


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