The latest version of Syncrify Server does not work on Windows XP, 2000 or 2008 older than R2. Do not upgrade Syncrify Server if you're using an older operating system.

The latest version of Syncrify Client will still work on XP, 2000 and 2008 using an older GUI.

Detail Version History
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Version 5.6

Release date: January 25, 2023

  • Watchdog Service is introduced, allowing to free monitoring for your Syncrify Server. Details...
  • Ability to exclude hidden files using Selection Filters.
  • Ability to display last connection date and IP address is client registration screen.
  • Embedded web server has been updated to v9.
  • Syncrify Client is now available in Turkish.
  • Enhancements made in client branding. It now allow hiding SysInfo as well as custom help URL.

  • Integration with Active Directory/LDAP server. Details... (v5.5)
  • Enhanced Remote Control - Ability to modify scheduling and other options from the server's web interface. Details... (v5.5)
  • Ability to delete every retained files on the server. (v5.5)

  • Completely redesigned web-based interface for Syncrify Client. Details... (v5.4)
  • Two Factor Authentication for the web interface. Details...(v5.4)
  • Ability to display disk usage graphs for users and profiles.(v5.4)
  • Ability to exclude certain folders from Delete Retention. Click here for details.(v5.4)

  • User Groups are added. Details... (v5.3)
  • Ability to block user ID, besides IP addresses, when incorrect passwords are specified. (v5.3)
  • Ability to notify user via email when a new account is created. (v5.3)
  • Ability to pause a backup job from telnet interface. (v5.3)
  • Ability to specify syncWaitTime in ClientConfig.xml allowing Syncrify to wait copying recently modified files. (v5.3)

  • Several new enhancements have been done for the Disaster Recovery feature, including:
    • Ability to see if DR-Slave is running (v5.2)
    • Ability to manually start a DR-Job from the Master's web interface (v5.2)
    • Ability to perform file-diff report between DR Master and Slave. (v5.2)
    • Additional logging for DR (v5.2)
  • Ability for administrators and users to download list of files that were modified during a synchronization job. (v5.2)
  • Restarting Syncrify Server is enhanced. (v5.2)
  • Low disk alerts are generated when Syncrify Client runs low on disk in the TEMP folder. (v5.2)
  • Syncrify Client is updated to display Synchronize instead of Backup when direction is set to Server-To-Client or Two-way sync. (v5.2)
  • Command line interface has been enhanced, allowing it to communicate with the background service. (v5.2)
  • Ability to upgrade to a new version from Syncrify Server's web interface. (v5.2)
  • Enhanced backup reports in HTML. (v5.1)
  • Performance enhancements. (v5.1)
  • Updated web interface with enhanced user experience. (v5.1)
  • Enhanced backup reports. (v5.0)
  • Ability to use versioning with Simple Copy. (v5.0)
  • Ability to reset RWP from server side. (v5.0)
  • Ability to search files using the web interface. Details...(v4.9)
  • Wasabi has been added as a cloud provider (v4.9)
  • Improved reporting for Cloud snapshots (v4.9)
  • Several security updates (v4.9)
  • Ability to detect file copy and renames.Details... (v4.8)
  • Ability to take cloud snapshots. Supported targets are Amazon S3, Google Storage and Microsoft Azure. Click here for details. ((v4.4)
  • Ability to detect ransomware. Click here for details. ((v4.4)
  • Completedly redesigned web interface for Syncrify Server ((v4.3)
  • Completedly redesigned GUI for Syncrify Client ((v4.2)
  • Ability to run File-Diff report from the server's end ((v4.1)
  • Embedded HTTP Server is upgraded
  • Inactivity report ((v3.1)
  • Backup activity report via email ((v3.1)


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