Server-side cache

Starting from build 758, you can enable server-side cache in Syncrify, which only affects backups where direction is Server-to-client. Using this cache, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to run a backup where direction is Server-to-client.

Steps to enable this cache

  • Login as admin
  • Click Configuration and then, Advances configuration
  • Check the box that say Enable server-side cache

When not to use server-side cache

  • Server-side cache only matters where backup direction is server-to-client. Therefore, it does not make sense to enable this feature if you do not have any client using this direction
  • If you expect files that are modified on the Syncrify server manually. The Syncrify server can only maintain this cache if files are sent from a Syncrify client. Therefore, do not use this cache if you modify files on the server using another program or manually.

How it works

The Syncrify server keeps track of the files that have been modified through a backup job. When a client runs a backup in a Server-to-client direction, server sends a list of files that were touched since its last backup. This way, the client only pulls files that were modified on the server recently.

This cache is ignored when clients runs backup on a specific folder - meaning they select a desired folder in Syncrify client application, click the right mouse button and select Synchronize / Selected Folder


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