Syncrify licensing and cost

Personal Professional
Personal use
Commercial use
Mobile access (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
Unlimited file transfers
Extensive Reports
Unlimited users One user
Unlimited profiles 5 Profiles
Free SSL Certificate
SyncriBox (Synchronize folders across multiple machines belonging to the same user)
Shared Projects (Synchronize files/folders for a project between multiple users)
Two-way sync
Server to client
Master-Slave Configuration
RDBMS integration
Active Directory/LDAP integration
Multi-Factor Authentication
Public Cloud Integration
Watchdog Service
Client Branding Greater than 50 licenses
Server Branding Greater than 50 licenses



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Cost (Syncrify Professional)

Package SavingsYou saveFinal cost
Single Machine License None N/A $49.00
Pack of 5 licenses 5% $12.25 $232.75
Pack of 10 licenses 10% $49.00 $441.00
Pack of 25 licenses 25% $306.25 $918.75
Pack of 50 licenses (Includes Branding for ISPs) 35% $857.50 $1592.50
Pack of 75 licenses (Includes Branding for ISPs) 50% $1837.50 $1837.50
Pack of 100 licenses (Includes Branding for ISPs) 60% $2940.00 $1960.00

What does a license cover?

Licenses in Syncrify are based on the number of machines that are backed up. In other words, every computer (physical or virtual) where the Syncrify Client is installed will consume a license. There is no charge for the Syncrify Server. Assume you want to use Syncrify for a small office environment and have 5 desktops, 5 laptops and 1 file server. You will need 11 client machine licenses and will be able to backup/synchronize data to a central repository.

You can have unlimited users and profiles on these machines.

Can I use the Personal Edition for my small business?

No. The personal edition is licensed for home users only who want to backup one of their home computer to another. It is not licensed for business or any commercial use. You must purchase a Professional license if you are using Syncrify in a commercial environment, even if the number of machines are less than five.

ISP Edition

When you purchase Syncrify Professional with 50 or more licenses, it gets promoted to an ISP edition. This enables the branding features in Syncrify Server and Client, allowing to put your company's name on its interface.

Perpetual License

These prices are for a perpetual license and are based on the number of machines where Syncrify Client is installed. For example, if you purchase a Pack of 5 licenses, you will be able to install Syncrify Client on 5 computers, which will be able to connect to a Syncrify Server running on your end to backup/synchronize files.

There is no charge for Syncrify Server.

Platinum Support

Support is free for the 1st year when you purchase Syncrify. The cost of this support is included in the price therefore, you don't pay anything else for the first year.

Platinum support includes:
  • Free upgrades to the software
  • Support via telephone
  • Priority email support
  • Public forums (Also available if you do not have platinum support)
  • Access to pre-release versions of the software

Once the first year is over, you have a choice of renewing your support contract for 40% of what you originally paid. If you decide not to purchase the support contract, you may continue using the last version of Syncrify for as long as you like without any additional fees. In that case, the only support option you will have is through our public forums. You won't get any updates to the software.

Consider the following scenario
Description Purchase Date Purchase price Support ends on Renewal cost
You purchase a new license for 2 client-machines January 01, 2016 $98 (includes support for 1 year) January 01, 2017 $39.20 due on January 01, 2017
You add two more licenses. June 01, 2016 $98 (includes support for 6 months) January 01, 2017 $19.60 due on January 01, 2017
You add two more licenses without renewing support for the older ones. March 01, 2017 $98 (without support) Support is already expired N/A

IMPORTANT: Support contract for additional licenses purchased later on will expire on the same date when the contract for the primary record expires. However, the cost of renewal will be prorated to adjust the number of days already elapsed.

Therefore, you will have to renew the support contract for all 4 licenses together. If you purchase 2 more licenses without purchasing support for the older licenses, the new licenses won't have support either.

What if I don't want to renew?

No problem. Considering the above example, you will be able to upgrade to the latest version of Syncrify up until December 31, 2016. After that you won't be able to upgrade Syncrify server and/or client but will be able to use it for as long as you like. Click here for details.

As far as support goes, you will only be able to post questions on our public forums

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