Free Watchdog Service for Syncrify/SynaMan

Companies that use Syncrify and/or SynaMan with a valid support contract can use a free service provided by Synametrics Technologies, Inc. to monitor their servers. This service pings your instance of Syncrify/SynaMan server every 10 minutes and generates an alert if it does not respond.

Enabling Watchdog

  • Log in as admin
  • Click Watchdog Service under Quick Links
  • Check Enabled to turn it on

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are alerts sent?

They are sent to a notification email address you specify when configuring watchdog. Many mobile providers allow email-to-sms service. For example, you can use email-to-text service by using the following email addresses in the United States.

  • T-Mobile:
  • AT&T:
  • Verizon:

How often are alerts generated?

There are two types of alerts:

  • Continuous - An alert is sent every 10 minutes until the server comes back up. If your server goes down for two hours, you will get 12 alerts.
  • Boundary - An alert is sent when your server does not respond the first time. A second alert is generated when it comes back up. If your server goes for two hours, you will only get 2 alerts.


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