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WinSQL is universal database management tool that can be used with any relational database to perform administrative tasks such as importing/exporting data, generating test data, reverse engineering an existing database, comparing schema and data between databases or simply running SQL queries.
JaySQL is a "must have" utility for DBAs and programmers who deal with databases. It empowers them to be more productive by providing an intuitive tool that can talk to any database through ODBC.
A private-cloud backup solution that can backup as well as synchronize desktops, laptops and servers to a central location within your enterprise over LAN or Internet in a secure manner.

NOTE: A better way to purchase Syncrify is to initiate the purchase process from your Syncrify server's web interface.

SynaMan is an innovative, all-in-one web-based remote file manager allowing users to upload or download files from any machine or a mobile device, anywhere on the Internet. It is secure and is easy to install on any machine running any operating system


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