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Syncrify ISP edition

Every Syncrify Server with 50 or more machine licenses automatically promotes to an ISP edition, which is designed for companies that provide backup service to other customers.

Once a Syncrify Server is promoted to the ISP edition, you will have the following additional benefits.

Server-side branding Configure the web interface of Syncrify to display:
  • Your company logo on the top
  • Links for support and company can refer to your website
  • Customized title bar for the web interface
  • Ability to hide the FAQ section on the web interface, which currently refers to Synametrics' website.
Client-side branding Create a custom client that can:
  • Display your company's name in the title bar of the client
  • Display your company logo
  • Lock Syncrify client so it can only connect to your server
  • Assign default values to many parameters in Syncrify, which is ideal for novice users.


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