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Document ID: 1517
Subject: Delete retention period on Syncrify server
Creation date: 9/26/10 10:52 AM
Last modified on: 9/21/23 9:53 AM

Delete retention period in Syncrify server

When running backups, Syncrify client has an option of deleting files from the server if the corresponding file is deleted from the client. If a user deletes a file by mistake on the client and runs a backup, Syncrify server will remove that file from its repository and the file can never be recovered.

Starting from v2.6 build 510, a new parameter called deleteRetentionPeriod was added allowing Syncrify server to retain deleted files for a certain number of days. The default value for this parameter is 0, meaning files will be deleted from the server when backup is run. A value greater than 0 signifies the number of days you want to retain a deleted file. For example, if you specify 10 for this value, every file that is deleted on the client is held by the server for the next 10 days allowing the user to restore it if needed. It will be deleted from the server after 10 days.


  • Log in to Syncrify Web Interface as admin
  • Click on Manage Users
  • Click the on Modify link for the desired user. This will open a pop-up window like:

  • Specify a positive number for Delete retention days
  • On the client's machine, open Syncrify Client, then click on Additional options on the left side.
  • Ensure Delete files is checked as shown below:

How does it work

When deleteRetentionPeriod is specified greater than 0, following happens:
  • Files that are deleted from the client machine get marked for deletion. They won't be deleted right away
  • The email report that is sent at the end will indicate the file has been deleted allowing to use to restore it if it was deleted by mistake on the client
  • The file can be restored until the retention period either from Syncrify client or the web interface

Excluding Certain Folders

Refer to this document if you need to exclude certain folders from using this feature.

User comments

Posted by Rob on 4/30/16 3:29 PM

I have a 'synchronise' profile to synchronise files with the server. Setting 'Delete retention days' to zero for this user does not result in files being deleted from the server. How can users delete files that they no longer want?

Posted by Synametrics Support on 2/17/15 9:34 AM

This is an answer to DT's question below. Delete retention is always based on days, NOT the number of backups. The actual delete will occur once the number of days has elapsed. Number of backups during this time is not relevant.

Posted by Grant Millgate on 5/6/14 2:56 AM

I read this and it is unclear what the effect of setting the retention period to 0. Does it retain forever, or never?

Posted by DT on 8/21/14 3:50 PM

This is days and not number of backups like the 'Max Versions' setting? So if backups are scheduled every hour and 'Delete retention days' is set to 1, a file deleted client-side when a backup is run at 22:00 will not be removed from the server until 22:00 the following day? Is it the action of performing a backup on that profile that triggers the delete or would the server delete the file after one day even if no more backups were performed?

Posted by Dave Miller on 5/6/14 9:09 AM

This message is an answer to a question posted by Grant Millgate. Retention period of 0 means never. In other words, delete retention is disabled.

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