Excluding Folders From Delete Retention

The Delete Retention feature allows administrators to retain deleted files for a certain number of days on the server, allowing users to restore them if necessary. Using this feature requires additional resources on Syncrify Server that could have negative impact on processing time and CPU usage, particularly on large folders. The ability to exclude certain folders help reduce this performance penalty, particularly when retaining files is not needed.

Implementation Steps

Following steps are needed on the machine where Syncrify Server is running.

  • Create a new text file called $INSTALL_DIR\config\DeleteRetentionExclusions.dat.
  • Enter the absolute path of the folder(s) on the server's end that should be excluded. There can be only one folder per line.
  • Consider the following text as an example:
    C:\backups\user1@example.com\profile1\Important Docs\cache
  • Add two ** for wildcards. In the above example, every sub-folder under C:\backups\user2@example.com\server1_profile\DashCamVideos will be excluded.
  • File paths are case-sensitive.
  • You should only add folders, not file names.
  • There is no need to restart Syncrify when you make changes in this file.


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