Decommissioning older clients

When providing a backup service using Syncrify, companies run into a situation where a client does not want to use Syncrify anymore but forgot to uninstall it from their machine. As a result, the client still connects to your Syncrify Server using a license.

Starting from version 3.9, you can Decommission clients using the following steps:
  • Login as admin to the web interface
  • Click Remote clients under Quick Links
  • Click the Garbage icon next to the host name

What happens in the background

Profiles connecting to this server are deleted from the client's machine during decommissioning. These profiles cannot be recreated unless the user manually does it.

Note that decommissioning a client does not automatically uninstall Syncrify Client. This is because modern operating systems do not allow installing or uninstalling programs without user's explicit consent.


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