User Groups In Syncrify

Groups facilitate user management, particularly when you have lots of users in Syncrify. For example, you could create a user group for Accounting, Managers, and Support Engineers. If you provide backup services to multiple clients, you could have groups like ClientA, ClientB, and so on.

Every group is assigned a manager, which acts as a log-in ID in Syncrify. Managers can log in to Syncrify's web interface to run reports for their assigned group. Emails can also be generated once a day containing a summary of synchronization jobs.

Default User Group

Initially, every user belongs to a system-generated group called Default User Group. When new groups are created, users belonging to the Default User Group can be assigned to the new group. Similarly, if an existing User Group is deleted, users belonging to that group will be assigned to the Default User Group.

You cannot delete the Default User Group.

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