Types of Syncrify clients

Starting from v3.3, the Syncrify client is available in two formats:
  • Syncrify Client - Runs as a service on Windows
  • Integrated Client - Integrated with Windows scheduler (deprecated)
Although both types of clients are fully supported, Integrated Client will not be supported in future.

The following table lists the differences between these types:
Integrated clientSyncrify client
Availability Since v1.0 Since v3.3
Triggering mechanism Integrated with the scheduler on operating system. Triggered by a service that is constantly running in the background.
Auto updates User must run Updater utility to update to the new version of Syncrify client. When Syncrify server is upgraded to a new build, clients update themselves automatically. No human interaction is required.
Remote control Not available A backup can be triggered from Syncrify server's web interface. Clients can disable this feature by clicking Options under the Tools menu.

Besides running remote backups, administrators can also send logs from the client machine to any email address. This is the recommended way of sending client logs to our support department. Click here for details.
Visual indication Users see a small window when a backup is run. This window can be hidden when the scheduler is run as a different user account. Starting from v3.5, a status viewer application can display the status of backups running in the background. No visual indication is displayed in v3.3 and v3.4
User account Backups run using the Logon Account specified when configuring the scheduler. This user must have permission to access files that need to be backed up. Backups run using under the account that runs the service, which by default is the "System" account. This user typically has permission to access private files of every user on the machine.

Deciding which client to use

We recommend using the new Syncrify client (service based) if your server is version 3.3 or higher. Consider using the Integrated client in cases where you need the Windows Scheduler to trigger backups and you want the interface of Windows Scheduler to integrate with Syncrify Client. If this visual integration is not important, you can manually create a scheduled task even when using the service based client. Click here for instructions.


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