Remote Copy In Syncrify

Introduced in v4.8, the Remote Copy feature allow Syncrify Client to detect if a previously backed up file has been copied or moved to a different folder. When such a file is detected, a similar operation is performed on the destination side without transferring any data over the network.

The following video demonstrates this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Signature DB created?
It is created in the $DATA_FOLDER/RenSigCache folder.
Is there a upper limit on number of files when using Remote Copy?
Although there is no upper limit, the more files you have in a top-level folder, the bigger signature cache database will become. These signatures are loaded in memory and therefore, memory usage goes up as the database grows.

Typically, around 1 million files will require about 250MB of additional RAM.
Are there any restrictions when using this feature?
At this time, remote copy feature only works when direction is Client-to-Server. They do not work when direction is Server-to-Client.

In case of two-way sync, files that are copied from client to the server machine will be able to use this database.


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