Server-side Restore

Starting from v4.0 of Syncrify, administrators can restore client's data from the server-side. This allow administrators to restore user files to an external hard-disk and carry the data manually to user's computer.

This method offers the following benefits:
  • Decrypt files if they are encrypted so the restored data is not encrypted
  • Include or exclude files saved on the server due to Delete Retention
  • Rollback files to a previous day. For example, if you specify 5 days the restored files will represent a state that existed 5 days ago. Versioning must be enabled for this to work.

Steps to restore user's data

  • Login as admin to the web interface
  • Click Manage Users and click View under the Profiles column for the desired user.
  • Click the Restore Profile icon in the Action column for the desired profile
  • Specify a Local path on Syncrify Server. This is where the files will be copied.
  • If the profile is encrypted, you can specify a password for decryption. If you omit the password, restored files will be encrypted and you will have to decrypt them using Syncrify Client's GUI


You cannot restore profiles for SyncriBox if encryption is enabled. This is because the encryption password is not available to administrators.


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