Joseph Podlesnik A success story

Photographer/Art Educator Averts Loss of Precious Photo Files
Thanks to Coincidental Installation of Syncrify Backup Software on Same Day Computer Crash Occurs


  1. Photographer/Art Educator recognizes need to back up files
  2. He is concerned about potential loss of data, including five years of photographs stored on an external hard drive and on his local C drive


Joseph Podlesnik, an award-winning professional photographer and art educator (at Stockton University in New Jersey and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh,) was concerned about the potential loss of his data, including thousands of photographs stored on an external hard drive and more recent photos on his local C drive. Upon learning that Syncrify, an easy-to-use private cloud backup software would enable him to back up folders and files to a central repository under his own control, he decided to install it. After installing the Syncrify Server on a remote computer, he set up the intuitive Syncrify Client program on his Windows-based PC. He then began the backup, and included several large folders filled with photographs that he had recently stored on the PC.

Ironically, Joe had deleted part of an old version of Windows the same day he did the backup, (since he had recently installed a newer version). That night, after installing Syncrify and doing the backup, he turned off the computer. As luck would have it, when he turned on the computer the next morning, some of its startup files had been deleted and corrupted, and his computer would not start because its operating system was missing.

But thanks to the fact that had just performed the backup, his data and thousands of precious photos were saved! Because Joe found the system easy to use, he did not even feel the need to call for support during the recovery process.

It cost Joe $49 to purchase a license which saved his photography that was worth approximately $100,000!

Benefits of Syncrify Backup System for Entrepreneurs, Artists, Small Business Owners (and All Users):

  • Sometimes the loss of even one file can be tremendously costly. Syncrify prevents this loss.
  • It's easy to install and use. You can be up and running in 5 minutes.
  • 100% secure, in-house private cloud solution that is never transferred to any thirdparty machines. Encryption can be used to further secure the files.
  • Multi-platform--Syncrify can be installed on any operating system, including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and UNIX.
  • Allows access of files from anywhere at any time (including from mobile devices)
  • Offers across the board folder synchronization. When a file is modified on one machine, it is automatically copied to other machines. This is great for syncing a laptop in the field to a lab at home and vice versa.
  • Includes an incremental backup feature that intelligently recognizes small changes to larger projects, making backup jobs run faster and more smoothly. This is great for Photoshop files, and others.
  • Ability to generate wide variety of reports
  • Backup over the internet--you can backup files from any computer across the internet
  • Syncrify is absolutely free for personal use.
  • Significant customer support is available as needed.

Creative uses of Syncrify for artists/educators such as Joe:

  • Since photographers take many photos on location, they can bring a laptop along to sync photos, sync class files to online students, or have them group edit photos as a class activity.
  • The options for expansion can help them with convenience, data security and group work.

Joseph Podlesnik -- "Although my story sounds like a great piece of fiction, it is 100% true. If I had not installed Syncrify the day I did, I would have awakened the next day having lost thousands of photographs I had recently taken over a 30 day period?totaling about 14 gigs of data. This easy-to-use backup system turned out to be a lifesaver.?


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