Comparing WinSQL Lite, Standard and Professional


The Standard edition was formerly known as Developer edition.
WinSQL comes in three editions:

Lite - freeware
Standard (formerly known as Developer)

The Lite version of WinSQL is absolutely free. Although there is no charge, you MUST register this edition. Upon registration we will send you a serial number that will unlock the application and will never expire.

Features Lite Standard Pro.
Syntax highlighting for SQL script
New table wizard
HTML publishing wizard Export the result of a query to linked HTML pages.
Database catalog - Display tables, views, stored procedures and other database objects
Run selective query - Highlight part of the script and send just that to the server
Display results in grid, text or form
Support for database transactions
Customized editor
Local comment parsing
Parameterized queries
Submit batches Queries can be separated by a separator and therefore, multiple queries can be submitted at the same time.
Multi-threaded architecture
CREATE TABLE statement wizard
Data browsing
Update/Insert record wizard
ODBC Drivers for Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, Pervasive, Text, XML, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox
Inline results
Result printing
Integrated View
Relationship manager
Local relationships
Drill down results
Integration with Microsoft Excel
Scripting wizard
Query History
Associate comments with database objects
SQL Explain
Administrative Tasks
DDL wizard
Command line support
SQL wizard
Editable result sets
Extended support for binary and long data (BLOB/CLOB)
Intelli tip
Data Lookup
Import/Export data with drag-n-drop capabilities
Grid result export
Save results to an executable file
INSERT statement wizard
Test data generation wizard
Task Scheduler
Database Search
Entity Relationship Diagrams
Database specific plugins
Browse data filter
Schema Diff
Data Diff
Offline Backup/Restore
Stored Procedure Wizard
Catalog printing
List of available datatypes


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