Schema Diff Wizard

This feature helps you find schema differences between two databases. It creates a report in HTML format that can be viewed in any browser. Comparison is based on:

  • Table schema, including column names, datatypes, defaults, foreign keys, nullability and triggers
  • View columns and SQL script
  • Stored procedure columns and script
  • Database specific features like rules and custom datatypes

    FAQ about Schema-Diff

    Question: What is the format of the output report?
    Answer: The generated report is in HTML format.

    Question: Which type of databases are ideal for comparison?
    Answer: During the life-cycle of any project, engineers create multiple copies of the same database one for development and other for production. Often these copies get out of sync as engineers modify the design to either optimize the database or add new features. The schema diff feature in WinSQL is ideal to compare such differences.

    Question: Can I compare databases of different types - meaning schema of an Oracle database with MS SQL Server?
    Answer: Theoretically, you can compare databases residing in two different RDBMS system. However, due to incompatibilities in certain database objects you will get several mismatch in the report. For example, if you try to compare an Oracle schema with Microsoft Access, you will get incompatibilities on data types such as TIMESTAMP.

    Question: How is the comparison performed?
    Answer: Schema-Diff comparison is a two-pass process. Initially, WinSQL selects one of the database as the reference database and checks if the other database has similar objects. This is the first pass. Next, WinSQL switches the reference database and compares the objects in the second database to the first one.

    This results in two reports - each with respect to a database.

    This feature makes WinSQL a perfect tool to compare differences between a development and production databases or when you are migrating data from one database to another.

    Screen Shots

    Screen to select the two databases

    Pick different options for comparison

    Uses cascading style sheets to specify format. This makes it very easy to change the output format

    Watch the status as WinSQL compares the objects

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