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What is ODBC Driver Pack?

ODBC Driver Pack is a set of industry standard ODBC drivers provided by DataDirect Technologies, a third party company that specializes in writing ODBC drivers.

The ODBC Driver Pack includes following drivers:

  • Btrieve (Pervasive SQL)
  • IBM DB2 (Wire protocol. No client required)
  • dBase
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Wire protocol. No client required)
  • Informix
  • Informix (Wire protocol. No client required)
  • Oracle
  • Oracle (Wire protocol. No client required)
  • Paradox
  • Sybase (Wire protocol. No client required)
  • Text


These driver will only work with WinSQL32. They will not work with any other application besides WinSQL32.

Benefits of using these drivers

Independent studies shows that the Wire protocol drivers out performs access with native API.

No database client software required - You do not need any other software besides WinSQL to connect to Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix and MS SQL Server. Simply install WinSQL with these drivers and connect to the remote database.

No need to configure:
  • TNSNAMES.ORA file in Oracle
  • DSEdit in Sybase
  • SetNet32 in Informix
  • Client for DB2

    Best-in-class functionality, reliability, ease of use - We have found these drivers to be the best of the breed. WinSQL depends heavily on the implementation of ODBC drivers. There are several features in WinSQL that are hampered due to problems in the ODBC driver.

    For instance:
  • You cannot create stored procedure in Oracle if you use Oracle's implementation ODBC driver. Drivers included with WinSQL allow you to create stored procedures without any problem.
  • The text driver allow you to modify data in a text file. This feature is missing in the default Text driver by Microsoft.
  • Are there any restrictions

    Yes. You are licensed to use these drivers only with WinSQL. If you have any other application that needs to connect to your backend database, you must contact DataDirect's sales department.


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