Importing and Exporting data from one database to another

WinSQL allows several different techniques to import and export data from one source to another. For example, you can:
  • Move data from any relational database to another relational database. Data types will be mapped between the source and target.
  • Move data from a relational database to a local DataBag. These DataBags can be used to backup your data to a local file or move data from one source to another.
  • Move data from any relational database to a text file or from a text file to a relational database.
  • Generate INSERT INTO statements for an existing set of data in the database. These INSERT statements can be run against any other database to recreate a replicated copy of your existing data.
Online video tutorial

Drag-N-Drop data export

Simply drag a table from one database and drop it on to another to move data.

Drag-n-Drop tables
Drag an external text file from Windows Explorer to import data into a table.

Drag-n-Drop tables

Export results of a SQL query

Write the desired query in WinSQL and export the generated results to any other database.

Drag-n-Drop tables
Save the contents of any result grid to Text, MS Excel or MS Word formats.

Drag-n-Drop tables


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