A DataBag in WinSQL is a local text file that contains schema as well as data for a table in a relational database. You can use DataBags to:
  • Backup your database to local files
  • Move data from one data source to another

Creating DataBags

Databags are created in two ways:
  • Drag-n-drop
  • Clicking on Tools/Data To-Go/Create DataBags
The easiest way to create a DataBag is to drag a table from the catalog window into the "Default Folder". If you need to create DataBags for several tables, click the Tools/Data To-Go/Create DataBags instead. one table at a time.
Data Bag

What is the "Default Folder" for DataBags

WinSQL holds all DataBags in one folder. To access this folder, click File/Open Data Folder on the main menu in WinSQL.


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