Database task scheduler

A built-in task scheduler in WinSQL will allow users to schedule tasks that can be run on a user defined schedule. This task scheduler is tightly integrated with Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Type of tasks

The following type of tasks can be scheduled:
  • Running SQL scripts
  • Exporting data from one source to another target
  • Exporting data to HTML files
  • Running Data Diff and Schema Diff wizards

Running SQL scripts

Running SQL scripts based on a schedule is the most powerful and useful feature of Task Scheduler. Follow the steps below to create a task that runs SQL scripts:
  1. Save your SQL queries to a file with .SQL extension
  2. Start WinSQL and connect to your desired database
  3. Click Tools/Scheduler ... on the main menu
  4. The following window opens up
    Task Scheduler
  5. Double click <Add New Task> or click the Add Task button
  6. Following window is displayed
    Task Scheduler
    Task Name: User defined name for this task.
    Task Type: Type of task to run.
    Email Status: Configure status email by selected appropriate value.
    Attach output file in email: Check if you wish to attach the output file in the status email
    Terminate WinSQL: Check to terminate WinSQL once task is completed
    Script file name: Name of the file you saved in step 1
    Output file name: Output file. This will hold any results as well as error/warning messages returned back from the database.
  7. Specify desired parameters
  8. If you decide to send status emails, you must configure outbound email parameters. This is done by clicking the Configure email server button
    Configure email
  9. The following screen is used to configure email servers.
    Configure email
  10. Click Ok to close the window and go back to the previous screen
  11. Now you should see your newly created task in the main scheduler window
  12. Click Modify Schedule button to assign a schedule to this task
  13. IMPORTANT: WinSQL is tightly integrated with the OS for task scheduling. Therefore, your login ID must have sufficient rights to run tasks on the machine
  14. The Task scheduling screen is part of the OS therefore you should consult the documentation for Windows for further information regarding scheduling.
    Windows Scheduler


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