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5 Advantages of Cloud Backup

Managing and protecting data has become an integral practice for many businesses. As technology advances, the cloud is becoming a popular trend among data based tools, backup being one of them. We want to discuss 5 advantages cloud backup has over is predecessors.

Recovery Time

Data recovery is extremely efficient with cloud backup in regard to time. Since there are no physical devices to set up and data is recovered through a LAN and/orWAN connections, your data recovery becomes as simple as a point and click reducing the time it takes to backup or recover your data. 


As businesses grow, they are faced with the demand for more storage space to backup their data. The option for purchasing more disk or tape space with traditional forms of backup no longer makes sense in terms of management and price. With the cloud, cost becomes more predictable because companies are able to purchase storage based on what is actually needed. Not to mention there is no added cost for the extra hardware. 


 Cloud backup allows for remote access and synchronization between devices. Data can be backed up and recovered from the cloud anywhere at anytime. There is no need to worry about contacting a middle man to gain access to data. 


 There is no downtime with backups. With the cloud, backups can be scheduled to occur automatically on a daily or continuous basis. As mentioned early there is no need to set up any hardware for backups reducing time spent backing up. 


One of the biggest advantages to cloud backup is the focus on security. Providers  like Synametrics Technologies,  ensures 100% privacy and security guaranteed. Data stored through the cloud is kept in digital archives and is protected by encryption, passwords, digital signatures. In addition, the cloud cannot be destroyed in the event of a natural disaster promising your data will always be intact. 

In conclusion, the cloud is a much more secure, reliable, and cost effective alternative to traditional backup solutions. 

Physical backup options are becoming obsolete as the cloud takes their place. If you are currently looking for a cloud backup solution or are looking to switch to a better solution we have the one for you. 


Syncrify offers multi-tier backups, allowing for backups to occur as data is modified and data recovery from each stage of modification. There is also no 3rd party involvement with Syncirfy ensuring you are the only one who has access to your data. Syncrify is also equipped with Syncribox, a secure private cloud alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox as well as many other great features. 

For more information about Syncrify visit or contacts us via: Synametrics Technologies

Phone: 609-750-000 

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Created on: Jul 31, 2018
Last updated on: Jul 11, 2024


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