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The Best Backup Tool for your Business

It's no secret that securing data is an integral function in day-to-day business operations. Quintillion bytes of data are created on average each day by both individuals and businesses. With the amount of data created each day, your business will inevitably experience data loss to some degree due to:

  • Human Error
  • Natural Disasters
  • Hardware failure
  • Lost devices
  • Natural disasters
  • Cyber Attacks

The survival rate of your business can all depend on how you handle data loss. Did you know about 30% of all businesses and 90% of all small businesses that do not have a data recovery plan will fail after experiencing data loss.

While providing you with data loss and prevention statistics can give you an insight into just how detrimental data loss can be to your business, it won't help you in the event you experience such a situation.?

What will help, however, is by providing you with the right method to secure your important data.

Private Data


As previously mentioned, there are many ways your company could experience data loss, so making sure you have a backup strategy is essential.

As a business owner, you know what data is essential to your organization. Such information can include:

  • Day-to-day files and projects
  • Important emails and electronic communications
  • Business Contracts
  • Customer/ Employee records
  • Personal photos/videos
  • Financial records
  • Sales Reports
  • Additional important information your business cannot thrive without.

We recommend you take stock of essential information and create a backup schedule to secure it.

Now that you know what data is important to your business and the proper method to preserve it, the next step is finding the right tool.

What kind of backup should you use?

Not all backup solutions on the market are created equally. Most backup providers require you to back up your data to their servers, where they store countless other organizations' information as well. With these 3rd party tools, you are not in control of your data, your data is still at risk of potential breaches, and you are paying high monthly storage fees.

Data Storage

What you need is a secure on-premise backup solution that has no middleman involvement guaranteeing your private data is not seen by unauthorized personnel.

What you need is Syncrify, a private-cloud backup and synchronization solution that keeps your data 100% secure and private.

Syncrify Perks:

  • Security: Files are backed up to an on-premise location. As no 3rd party will gain access to your data, this ensures the integrity of your files.
  • Encryption: Files are encrypted once they are copied one the server to prevent unauthorized access to your data.
  • Remote Access: Syncrify is web-based, meaning you can view or download files from the server via any computer with internet access.
  • Scheduling: By scheduling your backups in advance, this ensures your data is being backed up even when users are not logged in.
  • Data Logs: Logs are sent to both users and admins with important information about backups, including the completion or failure of a job.
  • Low Cost: Syncrify licenses are perpetual. This means you pay once and can use the license forever.
  • No Limits: There are no limits on storage, file size, or file type that you wish to backup.
  • Ransomware Prevention: Syncrify can detect if your machine was compromised by ransomware before running a backup, saving previously backed up data.
  • Multi-Tier Backup: Two machines are involved in a backup boosting the performance and features of the backup process.
  • And so much more

Data disasters are unpredictable, they don't wait until you have a restoration plan in place, so why should you wait for a disaster to become proactive?

#GETSYNCRIFYED today by backing up your important data and ensure the longevity of your business.

Syncrify is free for personal use, or you can download a 30-day free trial of the professional version.

For more information about Syncrify and its features, please contact our support team via:


Phone: 609-750-0007

Created on: May 30, 2019
Last updated on: Jun 15, 2024


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