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MailSploit Allows Hackers to Perfectly Spoof Emails

Faking your identity is nothing new when it comes to the internet. Scammers, identity thefts, and cat fishers have been doing it for years. But thanks to a discovery made by Sabri Haddouche, we can now spot email fraudsters before they strike.

Email spoofing is a form of a cyber-attack where a threatening source can send an email that appears to be from a trusted source. This tactic is popularly used in phishing and spam campaigns as it manipulates users into believing they are receiving a legitimate message from a safe sender. Many of these spoofed messages may contain viruses or ask users for sensitive information that can easily be compromised. Without proper protection against mail spoofing, anybody’s private information can be left at risk whether it be a large corporation or a personal address.

Cyber security researcher and programmer Haddouche revealed many others . Lacking efficient email security, many major companies can be left vulnerable by such bugs. Cyber attackers can combine all of these bugs and create email headers that trick and manipulate clients. This attack is executable because SMTP does not provide a proper way to authenticate the email address. With limited email authentication and gateway security, attackers are able to bypass spam filters like DMARC and SPF and can easily send malicious emails. Mailsploit granted attackers the ability to send emails from seemingly trustworthy senders by using any email address of their choice.

For example: let's say you recently subscribed to the "New York Times" and they were sending you weekly emails, Mailsploit could enable attackers to pose as an editor from the NYT and send you and email from the address In these emails, they could ask for personal information or even embedded malware in the email that recipients could fall victim to. Email clients affected by Mailsploit would allow these emails to come through because they were from a trusted domain. Without a secure email server, it is very easy for these emails to slip through the cracks and mistakenly get clicked on. Only a handful of clients have been successful in removing Mailsploit while many others are still left vulnerable to other attacks. One solution is employing a form of email spoofing protection through a secure email server.

Synametrics Technologies has developed a solution with Xeams, a single platform that enables you to protect, analyze, manage, and report on email traffic flowing in and out of your organization. With Xeams, users can stop spam, viruses, hackers and phishing attacks while ensuring that communication remains private. By monitoring messaging at the Internet gateway with a complete set of email security capabilities, Xeams provides the most effective method to make your inbound and outbound email streams secure and reliable. Utilizing Xeams allows for the prevention of intellectual property leaks through customer-defined content filtering parameters while using email reliably and securely.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, email authentication, tracking and intelligent routing capabilities, Xeams makes it simple for administrators and management in your company to monitor any message coming in and going out of your network.

Created on: Dec 7, 2017
Last updated on: Jul 12, 2024


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