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Finding Your Files At Home

As COVID-19 transforms your workspace from an office environment to a home environment, it is imperative to stay connected and up to date to ensure that business continues as usual. Whether you need to find the document you were last working on, or need to collaborate with colleagues on an important project, staying connected online is key.

Tech tools are your best asset for staying in touch with your office, co-workers, and your files! SynaMan is a efficient and secure remote file managing tool that will allow you to take your documents from the office to any remote location! As your office prepares to make the transition to a work-from-home environment, here are a few perks that SynaMan brings to the table:

  • Universal Access: This web-based solution allows for employees to send and receive files from virtually anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection available. This allows for unlimited access to important files from your office, transfer abilities from home devices, and work-on-the-go capabilities with mobile access as well.

  • Unlimited Sharing: Unlike other remote file managers, SynaMan allows for unlimited sharing capabilities. With no restrictions on the size or type of file or even the amount of data transferred, this solution ensures that corporate information can be transmitted to and from a source with no errors or lag time.

  • Utilizing Public Links: While working remotely, employees will need to transfer information not only from colleague to colleague, but also to various business partners. In this case, public links come in handy to avoid creating multiple user accounts and allows employees to create a one-time link in which selected individuals can be granted access to information. For added security, these links can be password protected with a desired expiration date to ensure no unintended individuals receive access to private information.

  • Unique Interface: Users only need to download SynaMan once without any other software needed to be installed. With configuration automatically applied during installation, employees will be granted easy access to files by just opening up a web browser.

Synametrics Technologies is aware of the difficult working environment COVID-19 has dealt us with. In support and solidarity of all businesses who are struggling because of this virus, Synametrics Technologies is happy to announce that SynaMan Enterprise Licenses (pack of up to 100 users) will be free of charge until August 1st. While working from home, easy access to information and an efficient product is key. SynaMan brings all of that and more to your office and your home. For more information on this free promotion of our remote file management solution, please visit:

Created on: Apr 7, 2020
Last updated on: Jul 12, 2024


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