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New Version of Xeams Released 03/28/16

A new version of Xeams is being released today working one step closer towards blocking Cryptolocker virus! As you may already know, Xeams is an email messaging and anti spam system that eliminates 99% of junk mail from your inbox. It automatically filters through the messages you receive to determine whether they are relevant or spam. Synametrics Technologies has been working tirelessly to completely block this virus and with this update they are one step closer!

Cryptolocker virus is a ransomware trojan that encrypts data files on infected computers and then asks for money should users wish to restore them. The virus has been passing via email to hundreds of novice users by attempting to make the potential victim think the file is harmless with the icon of the EXE file mimicking either a PDF document, Microsoft Document (with or without Macros), or a Text file. If the user tries to open this deceptive PDF file, the virus starts executing by first encrypting files on the network drivers and then finally on the local computer.

Xeams has helped to block users from being more susceptible to the Cryptolocker virus. The newly updated version has more filters to block virus attachments using regular expressions. These filters sort emails between good and spam messages. Having a filtering system such as Xeams helps to protect you from virus scammers such as Cryptolocker virus.

Unfortunately, virus scammers are constantly working towards new ways to infect your computer systems and work around filter blockers. It is like a cat and mouse game, but Xeams new update is a step closer towards combating this virus. Luckily, as the virus scammers come up with new ways around blockers, we at Synametrics Technologies are coming up with new ways to fight back and keep your files and computers safe!

To find out more about Xeams and Synametrics Technologies, visit our website or contact us via phone or email.

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Created on: Mar 28, 2016
Last updated on: May 28, 2024


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