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Prevent Employees from Violating Company Policies Via Email with Xeams

In today?s digital age, email is one of the fastest and most common means of communication within an organization. Each day billions of business emails are sent globally that may contain contracts, financial information, confidential plans, personal or private files, and many other types of messages that are important to an organizations daily function. With all these important emails being sent both internally and externally, it is essential, to have policies in place, as with any other business procedure, to ensure accidents or mistakes don?t occur within email communications. 

In this blog, we provide a great tool for companies to use to set up email policy management as well as provide some scenarios on why these policies come in handy. 

Xeams is an email server known for its powerful spam and junk email filtering system, but did you know another useful feature is ?Company Policy Violations?? 

Admins can set alerts for different policies and Xeams can trigger notification emails to admins when an inbound or outbound email is sent that violates that policy. The admin can set scores to these alerts to decide how these emails are handled, the emails can be sent through or they can be quarantined for further investigation. 

Using these alerts, admins can ensure their employees are adhering to company policies and are not taking advantage or improperly using their email account. 

Additionally, Xeams provides Legal Reports which allows admins to search for and view the attachments users have sent in past emails, this assures users are not in violation of company policies in terms of the documents and files they are sharing via email.


While there are many different violation alerts that can be set up, the following are the most common:

An Employee is no Longer with the Company

If an employee is terminated or leaves for any reason an alert can be set up to notify the admin if any emails are sent or received by that employee?s email address. This prevents any employees no longer with your company from accessing or giving out private information.

Prevented Classified Info from Being Sent via Email

Alerts can be set up to send a violation notification if the contents of the body or the attachments of an email contain any information that should not be share via email. This ensures employees are not sending out messages that they should not be.

Business Email Accounts are Improperly Utilized

Business email accounts should be used for business purposes only. Employees should not be using their email accounts recreationally. Admins can be notified when an employee is receiving emails from a site they should have used their personal email address to sign up for, to safeguard your business email servers and networks.

Use of Foul language

There is nothing worse than an employee sending out an inappropriate email. Admins can set up alerts to be notified if an employee is sending an email to a client, vendor, other employee, or any other person that contains and foul of vulgar messages. This will protect the reputation of your organization.

Avoid Opening Malicious Emails

Alerts can be set up to notify admins if an employee has been sent a phishing or malicious email based upon the contents of an email. This can prevent an employee from opening this message and accidentally sending a cyber-criminal important information or clicking on attachments or links containing malware. 

The more alerts and policy notifications an admin sets up, the more incidents are identified and triggered. With Xeams, admins can prevent any mistakes that can occur via email communications. 

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Created on: Feb 25, 2019
Last updated on: Jun 26, 2022


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