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A Great Way to Send Large Files by Email

Transferring large files over the Internet has always been trickier than it should be. It's at its trickiest when your primary file exchange method is through email. Up to a point, you can just attach the file to the message. But once file sizes hit their limits, email gateways reject them, and for a good reason: It's an abuse of resources on a mail server.

So you resort to a variety of hacks. Nowadays, Dropbox and other public cloud storage services are popular for this function, but they require that you put your files on an outside server controlled by a third party. And it's not necessary to do this.

The Enterprise version of SynaMan from Synametrics Technologies contains an embedded SMTP mail server designed specifically to handle very large emails, even those containing gigabytes of data. There is no upper limit on file size.

SynaMan must be the first SMTP server contacted by clients for outbound emails. When it receives a message with a large attachment - the default setting is 5MB - SynaMan performs the following steps:

  • It strips the attachment from the message
  • It stores the attachment on the SynaMan host system
  • It creates a public link to the attachment
  • It inserts HTML in the message pointing to the public link
  • It delivers the message to the next appropriate SMTP server
If there is no large attachment in the message, SynaMan simply delivers the message to the next appropriate SMTP server.

Public links on SynaMan can be set with an expiration date. After the specified number of days, SynaMan deletes the file pointed to by the link.?

Click here to see a video tutorial on public links.

SynaMan's embedded SMTP server is designed specifically for this purpose. Not only can it be used for outbound emails but also for inbound messages if you choose to use SynaMan for inbound.

You can specify whether SynaMan should send outbound messages to a particular outbound SMTP server or the destination server based on the destination domain of the outbound messages.
Click here to see a video tutorial on how to configure the SynaMan Embedded SMTP server.
Normally, clients for SynaMan, need login credentials for the server, but often this is too complicated a solution for a one-off file share. By solving a tricky problem easily and securely, public links distributed through the SynaMan An embedded SMTP server keeps your business running smoothly.

Created on: Dec 15, 2015
Last updated on: May 28, 2024


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