Embedded SMTP server

A typical email server cannot accept emails larger than a few megabytes. Although some servers allow administrators to change this value to as high as 40 MB, sending large attachments in an email consume a lot of system resources.

Emails, by design, hop from one SMTP server to another before reaching the intended user's mailbox. Therefore, the server supporting the smallest email size dictates the maximum size of an email. Consider the image below.

Smtp relay

Since SMTP C cannot accept emails larger than 20 MB, John's email never gets to Mary even if his server (SMTP A) supports attachments up to 50 MB.

Using SynaMan to solve this problem

The Enterprise version of SynaMan includes a special SMTP server that accepts emails with very large attachments. There is no upper limit on the email size, allowing users to attach files that can be as big as 10 GB or more.

How it works

Smtp relay
  • John uses a popular email client like MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, which is configured to use SynaMan as the SMTP server for out-bound emails.
  • SynaMan's embedded SMTP server receives this message.
  • If the attached files are larger than a pre-defined size, which is set to 5 MB by default, SynaMan removes the attachment from the email and forwards the email body to the next SMTP server.
  • It saves the attachments to the host machine where SynaMan is running and creates a public link for it.
  • Mary gets John's message without any attachments but containing an HTML link that she clicks to download the 25 MB file John intended to send her.

Deploying Embedded SMTP Server

There are several options to deploy the Embedded SMTP Server. Click here for details.


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