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Alternative To Egnyte

The nature of today's corporate environment is constantly changing as more and more businesses rely on remote work to ensure efficiency and success across all networks. As the work-from-home lifestyle becomes more and more popular amongst large corporations, it is essential that communication remains as consistent as it would be in an office environment. There are many ways to take files from your organization with you on the go. Many businesses may use DropBox DropBox or Google Drive to transfer, share, and access files however some of these options leave users wanting more. In terms of security, privacy, and productivity businesses need to keep an eye out for products that ensure access and editing capabilities in real time without having to compromise on safety protocols. Utilizing a product like Egnyte ensures that employees can transfer and share files as they are updated for more effective workflow while also providing key security features that ensure limited interruption and reduced threats. More specifically, Egnyte can also provide:

  • File Sharing Links: Through the use of password-protected links, users can share files faster without struggling with access settings, file attachments, or file uploading.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Files are able to be sent, edited, and shared without limits on file size.

  • Cross-Device File Access: Users have the ability to find, edit, and transfer files from any place on any device at any time using the web user interface.

While Egnyte offers all of this and more, it is not the sole file management solution on the market. Other servers provide the same strengths listed above at a rate that will increase ROI while offering a variety of features that can be considered more user friendly while remaining strong and secure. SynaMan is a 100% web-based solution that allows users to share files directly from their network with no third-party interruption. SynaMan also provides:

  • Secure Public Links: Allow clients or other business associates to transfer files from your machine without having to create a user account for them. Utilizes two-factor authentication and an embedded SMTP server to send emails with large attachments.

  • Unlimited Data Transfers: There are no limits on file sizes, the amount of data transferred, the number of users, or bandwidth throttling.

  • 24/7 File Access: Files can be uploaded, downloaded, moved or copied at any time using any device. Large attachments can also be sent right from the palm of your hand.

A cost-effective solution for individuals and corporate users looking to transfer files of any type or size to any machine. With similar file sharing features to that of Egnyte, SynaMan also allows for usage across all operating systems, branding , and accessibility from any device.

Egnyte vs SynaMan

The table below shows how the two file-sharing solutions compare.

Egnyte SynaMan
Unified administration with full visibility and control over where data is stored and who can access it with policy management. Create unlimited user accounts which are protected by user id and passwords. Administrators can associate multiple shared folders to these accounts with customizable read/write access.
Encrypted automatic file syncing. Automatically checks for new releases and bug fixes, updating itself on a regular basis. Applied to the running instance without any human interaction or interruption.
Smart reporting and auditing that can monitor key usage details. Uses a built-in audit trail and logging mechanism to back-track any user activity in the past easily. See who logged into the system and what they did. Important email alerts are sent to the administrator when suspicious activity is observed on the host machine.
Set custom access or restriction to any folder or subfolder. User access can be restricted by IP access for further security. Download notifications can be sent via email when someone uploads or downloads files from a specified folder.
Custom Governance Policies that can be selected from pre-built policies or create your own. Users can modify the name and logo that appears on the screen to give a more personal touch to clients.
Find, edit and share files with no VPN required. File transfers and administrative tasks can be encrypted using SSL. A self-signed SSL certificate comes bundled with the product and is up and running within minutes.
Integrations with Microsoft Outlook. Active Directory integration allows for two benefits: no need to explicitly create users and synchronize passwords.

While both solutions have strong security protocols and few limitations on file transfer, there are advantages to choosing SynaMan as an alternative to Egnyte. While providing many of the same benefits as Egnyte, SynaMan allows for users to get a greater return on their investment as it is a product, not a service. SynaMan can be purchased once and used forever with the option to invest in a professional license. With additional security features and more available customization for clients, SynaMan is a product that can be used in any office environment to boost productivity and allow employees easier and more reliable access to their files.

Those who use SynaMan can expect an ideal file-transfer/sharing experience for both individuals and corporate users, all while offering a cost-effective way to rapidly and reliably transfer files of any type or size to any machine running a variety of operating systems. To learn more about SynaMan and all it has to offer, please visit: here.

Created on: Mar 22, 2021
Last updated on: Jun 15, 2024


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