Use SynaMan for Free Until Aug 01, 2020

Synametrics Technologies, Inc. is offering SynaMan for free until Aug 01, 2020 to facilitate employees who are working from home during the pandemic.

Feature Matrix SynaMan

Personal Enterprise
Personal use
Commercial use
Mobile access (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
Unlimited file transfers
Unlimited users One user
Free SSL with Let's Encrypt
Public Links
Partial Branding
Total Branding
Enhanced Browser
Send/Receive Large Emails
Active Directory
Invite Users
Two-Factor Authentication
Quota for Home Folder
SMB Shared Drives
Files Check In/Out
CLI - command line interface



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Pay as-you-go model allows you to ramp up your license as needed. Pricing is based on SynaMan running on ONE machine.

User CountRecurring Cost month/user
1 - 9 users $4/month/user
10 - 49 users $3/month/user
50 - 99 users $2/month/user
Over 100 users $1.50/month/user


  • Subscription terms: 1 month or 1 year.
  • Unlimited file transfers
  • Free support and upgrades
  • Cancel anytime

Yearly Discount

Get one month free if you subscribe for 1 year.


Pay once and use SynaMan forever on any ONE machine.
License TypeCostDetails
New License $1,999 Includes 1 year of support
Upgrade $999 Applies if you don't have a valid support contract and want to upgrade from an older version.
Support Contract $449/year A valid support contract is optional. It must be renewed every year and includes:

  • Free upgrades
  • Support via email and/or phone


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited file transfers
  • No additional usage charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Applies to Perpetual License

No problem. You can continue using SynaMan for as long as you like without a valid support contract. However, you won't be able to:

  • Upgrade to a newer version
  • Will not be able to reach our support team via email and/or phone. You can still post your questions on our public forums

You can always use to the latest version by purchasing an upgrade

This question applies to perpetual license model.
Applies to Subscription License You have a choice of renewing your subscription automatically. Following table describes what happens in each case.
Auto-Renew is EnabledAuto-Renew is Disabled
  • Your subscription will automatically renew a couple of days before it expires
  • Your credit card information will be stored on the machine where SynaMan is installed on your local machine. Data will be encrypted.
  • Credit card information is NOT stored on any Synametrics' server
  • Confirmation email will be sent upon success or failure
  • You will be sent reminder emails to renew your subscription
  • SynaMan will be converted to Personal Edition if subscription is not renewed.
  • Credit card information is NOT stored on any Synametrics' server
Applies to Subscription License Your SynaMan will be converted into the Personal Edition if you subscription is not renewed. Simply renew your subscription again to use the features in the Enterprise Edition.


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