SynaMan Cost

Personal Professional Enterprise
Personal use
Commercial use
Mobile access (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
Unlimited file transfers
Unlimited users One user
Free SSL with Let's Encrypt
Public Links
Partial Branding
Total Branding
Enhanced Browser
Embedded SMTP
Active Directory
Invite Users
Two-Factor Authentication
Quota for Home Folder
SMB Shared Drives
Files Check In/Out
CLI - command line interface





Perpetual License

These prices are for a perpetual license and allows you to install SynaMan on any ONE computer inside your network.

Platinum Support

Support is free for the 1st year and is included in the purchase price.

Platinum support includes:

  • Free upgrades to the software
  • Support via telephone
  • Priority email support
  • Public forums
  • Access to pre-release versions of the software
Once the first year is over, you have a choice of renewing your support contract for 40% of what you originally paid. If you decide not to purchase the support contract, you may continue using the last version of SynaMan for as long as you like without paying us anything. In that case, the only support option you will have is through our public forums. You will not get any updates to the software.


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