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Creating public links

In a typical environment you would create a user account for anyone who needs to either upload or download files from the host machine. However, consider a scenario where a business associate or a client needs to send a large file to you. Since this is a one-time need, creating a user account for this person is cumbersome and unnecessary.

To facilitate uploading and downloading files for such occasional users, SynaMan allows you to create a public link, which is an HTML hyper link sent via email to the desired user. This user can click the hyper link from his/her email to either upload or download file.

Steps to create a public link

  These instructions assume:
  • Mary, a business associate, needs to upload some important project files to your machine. These a large files and cannot be sent via email.
  • You have installed SynaMan on a computer running in your office and have configured your firewall to allow traffic for TCP/IP port 6060 to this machine
Use the following steps to create a public link.
  • Log in to SynaMan using your login email and password.
  • Navigate to the folder to which you need Mary to put her files.
  • Click the right mouse button and select Upload from the Create public links menu. Refer to the image below.

  • This opens up the following screen.
    Field definitions
    • Link Type - This can be either Internet or Local Network.

      Select Internet if Mary is going to be connecting over the Internet. This option changes the host name in the URL to either use the public or private IP address of your network.

    • Expires after - This is the period after which the link is not going to work
    • End-user's name and email - This should contain Mary's name and her email.
    • CC email - Optionally specify your email address to get a copy of the message
    • Comments - Free style comments.
  • When you click Ok, the system will generate an email to containing a link to upload the project files. 
  • When Mary clicks on the link, she will connect to your host machine and upload necessary files. Other than uploading file(s), she won't be able to view or download any other file.

User comments

Posted by Irvin Yip on 6/26/19 9:56 PM

Can we create a link with program integration? Like running a command line with parameters to create & send a link to somebody... Thanks, Irvin

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