Inviting new users

Starting from version 3.7, administrators can invite users on the Internet to create accounts in SynaMan. The following steps demonstrate how to accomplish this task.
  • Login to the web interface using the admin account
  • Go to Manage Users screen
  • Click Invite users
  • Paste one or more email addresses in the following form
    "Full Name" <>
  • Optionally, change the subject and/or expiration date
  • Click Proceed

Customizing email

The generated email is based on a template file that is stored in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder. The file name is Invitation.htm. You can modify the contents of this file to customize the email.

Important! Do not change the text enclosed within two ## signs. These are variables that gets replaced at run-time.

What happens next

SynaMan will generate emails to every address to specify in this screen, inviting them to create an account on your SynaMan. Users created using this account will have access to:
  • Their home folder
  • Any folder that you assign to the Template user


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