Mounting SMB shares in SynaMan

This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of SynaMan
Starting from version 4.1, SynaMan supports remote drives mapped to a drive letter on Windows. Although this feature is available both on Linux and Windows, it has more value on Windows. That is because you can achieve the same functionality on Linux, Mac or Unix by using the mount command on the OS.

Using a mapped drive on Windows is not possible because the concept of a mapped drive is associated with a user. For example, if userA creates a mapped drive, that is not available for userB. Since SynaMan runs as a background service, drives mapped by regular users are not visible to this service.

Creating SMB Shares

  • Log in using the admin account
  • Click Manage Folders
  • Click Mounts
  • Specify a friendly name, select a drive letter and specify a shared path. Ensure you are able to access the files on the remote machine using an interactive windows session.
  • Once an SMB drive letter is created, you will see the newly added drive letter in the Browse window when creating a new Shared Folder


  • There must be a free drive letter available on the server.
  • On some machines, if a drive letter is occupied by a background service, users will not be able to use that same drive letter for their own use.


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