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Subject:Audit trail Logging
Creation date:11/13/09 2:31 PM
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Audit-trail logging

The audit-trail logging mechanism in SynaMan allows administrators to back-trace a user's activity. Whenever someone logs in, views the contents in a folder, download or uploads a file, a log file gets generated in the back-ground. There are two ways to view this file:

  • Using SynaMan's web interface
  • Manually view the file in any text editor. The file is located in $SYNAMAN/logs folder

Using the web interface

SynaMan's web interface exposes a convenient way to view the audit-trail logs. Following steps demonstrate how to view this log.

  • Log in to the web interface using the admin account.
  • Click View Audit Logs under Quick Links on the right hand side.
  • The following page displays entries in the log file in reverse order - meaning the most recent log entry appears first.
  • Specify a search string on the top to filter entries.

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