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Xeams' New Temporary Email Address Feature

When it comes to true spam detection, Xeams changes the game. Our development team is constantly working hard to find new ways of improving Xeams and tackling spammers. The latest Xeams update now allows you, our users to create temporary email addresses to track which sites you subscribe to, are the cause of the spam you see in your inbox.

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, spammers obtain your email addressed in two ways:

1. Spammers hack into website databases and steal subscribers personal information including their email address.

2. Spammers will sell information they have obtained to other spammers.

However with the creation of our new feature, you can use temporary email addresses to subscribe to different websites and track who gets a hold of your email address. This feature can be used in both Community and Enterprise editions of Xeams.

How it Works

These temporary email addresses are created by adding a tag to your already existing address. This tag is any string following the plus (+) sign.

Ex. Any email sent to this address will be delivered to the original email address,

You can also specify an expiration date to these temporary email addresses. This  EXCLUSIVE trait can be done by including the date to a tag in the format of: yyymmdd.

Ex. Any emails sent to this address will be delivered to the original email address,

With the addition of tags, there are now four different scenarios in which you can email with Xeams.


This is your original email address you are using with Xeams. This address will always work for incoming and outgoing mail.


This address will always work as well. You can create the tag specifically for whichever site you plan to use it with.

Ex. If you are interested in buying a new car and what to receive information from Kelly Blue Book, the temporary email address can be If you receive spam from this temporary email address, you will know Kelly Blue Book is the source.


This temporary email address has an expiration date and will expire on Dec 31, 2016. The email address will no longer work after. The tag must be expressed as yyymmdd in order to work.

Ex. If you are subscribing to a site with this type of temporary email address, be aware that you will no longer receive emails past the date specified.


This temporary email address contains both a specific tag and expiration date. The tag must come before the expiration date in order to work.

Ex. If you are interested in buying a car, but do not want to receive anymore emails once the car has been purchased, using will not only let you know Kelly Blue Book is the source of spam, you will no longer receive emails past the set date.

It is important that you are creating these tags correctly. The following are incorrect ways of creating temporary email addresses and will not work if used: - Date must be at the end. Email will get delivered but won't expire. - A plus (+) sign is not used before date. Email will get delivered but won't expire - Email won't be delivered because no user exists matching "sallysmith_sample"

Xeams and temporary email addresses bring protection and awareness against sites you may use that have been breached by hackers. It allows you to fight against spam and gives the opt-out option of receiving emails with the inclusion of expiration dates.

Please read our KB article for further information.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via:

Phone: 609-750-0007


Created on: Nov 21, 2016
Last updated on: May 28, 2024


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