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How the Trump Presidency Could Affect Cyber Security

Its official, last night Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

This long waited announcement has come with a rollercoaster election year that none of us could tear our eyes from. It seems like we've heard both main party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, bad mouth each other more than we've heard them talk about their views on important topics.

Today I'd like to discuss one of those important topics, how its been relevant in the election, and Trump's stance on:

Cyber Security


During the election, both parties have had their fair share of encounters with cyber security concerns, the two most relevant being:
  1. Clinton's email scandal
  2. Trump calling on Russia to hack into Clinton's emails
Before having her name cleared, Clinton used her family's private email server for official email communication. This breaks major U.S. federal communication regulations and the correct protocol is to use federally maintained and secure servers for official communication. Over 100 emails were deemed classified by the FBI.

Trump was also caught in the crossfire of her email scandal when he called on the Russians to break American laws and hack into Clinton's emails and publish them. Shorty after the DNC was attacked revealing the coordination to help Clinton at the expense of Bernie Sanders. This lead to the resignation of Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Although it was never revealed where the attack came from many believe the Russians are to blame and took Trumps advice.

Now that the election is finally over and Donald Trump has officially been elected as the next President of the United States, its time to take a look at their stance on cyber security and understand how this could impact the American people.

Trumps Stance

Trump focused on one main key issue according to his website in regard to cyber security before the election, hacker threats. Over the past year, several high profile hacker attacks have come to light. What about the threats that go unnoticed? Trump took note on smaller attacks happening each year that Americans do not concern them selves that we should be protected against.

Through out the race, it was quite obvious Trump and Clinton had opposing views on almost all major issues and cyber security was included. Going back to the email scandal, his opinions differed on how she handled emails. His website stating she risked national security by opting to use her own email server rather than secure federal servers provided.


The past is now behind us and it is now important to shift gears and understand what Trump has proposed to change once he is officially sworn in.

His cyber security plans include:
  • Bringing in a cyber review team come in and assess cyber defenses to pin-point vulnerabilities.
    • The cyber review team will thenreport their findings and propose recommendations on mending the holes they find in our current cyber defenses.
  • Establish protocols and provide training to government employees on effective and evolving cyber defense practices.
  • Ask the Department of Justice form and equalize Federal, State, and local laws in response to cyber threats.
  • Have the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of Joint Chief of Staffs provide recommendations to enhance U.S. Cyber command both defensively and offensively.
  • Lastly develop cyber defenses in the event a response is necessary to any cyber threat or attack.
Regardless of if his proposed plans actually go into effect for cyber security or any other key issues, rest assured Americans will be anxiously waiting and watching to see how this presidency pans out.


Created on: Nov 9, 2016
Last updated on: Apr 15, 2024


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