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Celebrate World Backup Day with Syncrify

Backing up your data is essential when it comes to protecting your digital infrastructure. The average adult spends about 11 hours each day interacting with their digital devices, creating over 2.4 quintillion bytes of data worldwide each day. Photos, videos, emails, corporate documents, and years of important information could all be gone in mere seconds without a backup copy.

While it is ingrained in our minds the data we create, many still fail to keep a backup copy of their information for safekeeping. To encourage people to back up their information and reduce these negative statistics, World Backup day was created in 2011. Reddit user "adamjeff" proposed a holiday to encourage people to backup their precious data or risk falling victim to a cruel April Fool's Prank of data loss.

In honor of World Backup Day 2019, Synametrics Technologies invites you to celebrate with us by backing up your data with Syncrify.

Syncrify users are provided with:

Total Privacy

One of the most important features Syncrify offers is privacy. Most backup providers store your data within their network. Although most providers claim your files are secure, there is always the risk of a data breach or someone taking a peek at your information. Additionally, files are stored in a shared location with other user accounts, and the integrity of your data may not hold top priority.
Syncrify is an on-premise solution, your files are stored within your network, and no third party is ever involved in handling your important data. Aside from the added security provided by your network firewalls, Syncrify can encrypt data during flight and on the disk.

Low Pricing

Syncrify licenses are perpetual. Unlike competing solutions that charge monthly or yearly subscription fees, Syncrify is a one-time purchase, and you can use the license forever. With Syncrify, there are no limits or additional charges associated with the amount of data or file type you wish to back up. Since it is an on-premise solution, the amount of storage is in your control.

Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware has become a huge issue in the past couple of years, with many large corporations falling victim to attacks. Although backups can data, users don't find out about the attack until after it's too late.

With Syncrify, you can create a dummy file, in every top-level folder on the client's machine. The file is downloaded from your Syncrify Server and will have the same size and last modified date. This means the copy on the client's machine will be identical to the copy on the server. Before backing up a top-level folder, Syncrify will match the file on the client matches with the copy on the server. An error gets logged if the file does not match, allowing the user to take corrective measures.


Multiple versions of a file can be created on the Syncrify Server. When a user creates a new document and backs it up to the Syncrify server but makes changes at a later date, Syncrify backs up the modified version of the same file.

The Syncrify server will keep both versions of the file. If a user decides to restore an older version, Syncrify server will rebuild the file on-demand.

Enhanced Reports

There are several reporting options in Syncrify. Admins can create reports by user and date, providing them with important information about a backup job. With this information, admins will know when a backup started/ completed, if a backup failed, which user was backing up their files, how many files were backed up, and more. This allows admins to get a snapshot of backup jobs that ran on a particular day and quickly mitigate any errors that might occur during a backup.


Plugins extend Syncrify's backup capability. Without plugins, Syncrify can only copy normal file files that already exist on the machine where the Syncrify client is running before a backup. Plugins can run a custom program before and after a backup session. The following plugins are available in Syncrify: Syncrify is packed with many additional great features, which you can learn about here.

Syncrify is free for personal use, or you can download a 30-day free trial of the professional version today.

For more information about Syncrify and its features please contract our support team via:

Phone: 609-750-0007 option 2

Created on: Apr 1, 2019
Last updated on: Jun 15, 2024


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