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5 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Data Recovery Plan

Cyber Security threats and data loss are nothing new, so why is it that 47% of small businesses still don't have a data backup plan? Every business, large or small is built on data to keep running and no business is impervious to a potential cyber attack or data disaster. Having a data recovery plan will ensure your business can reduce down time, maintain its reputation, and avoid losing valuable information. In this article we will discuss some causes and effects of data loss and the importance of having a plan in place.

1. Hardware Failure

While huge advances have been made in technology, hardware failure is not out of the realm of possibility. A power surge, hard drive malfunction, or any type of electrical issue among many others may destroy any and all data on your machine. While you can take steps to protect your devices from any technical failure, it is imperative you protect your data as by backing it up.

2. Human Error

No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Human error inevitable and difficult to predict. As hard as were try, sometimes important data is over looked and may be deleted. Perhaps an employee accidentally opens malware and your device is hacked. Or you've made changes to a document and clicked delete rather than save. Having a copy of all your important data can reduce the effects of human error.

3. Cyber Crimes

In recent years, we have seen a drastic spike in cyber crimes. If you are hit by ransomware, important data and documents are encrypted and unless you pay the ransom fee, you have no access to the decryption key. This could bring your business to a grinding halt. Fortunately if you have a back up of all the files that become compromised, recovering your data is a bit easier.

4. Downtime can be Detrimental 

Downtime can cause serious profit loss to a business. Without a way to recover data, they may not recover from such a huge hit. An estimated 20% of businesses world wide experience some form of data loss each year. Of these 80% cannot stay afloat due to the downtime caused by not having a data recovery plan.

5. Reputation

Reputation is everything to a business. Customers and employees rely on the trust they have built with a company to maintain their relationships. With any form or data loss or attack and no way to safeguard information, a companies good reputation will diminish and customers and even employees could look for somewhere else to ensure data is protected. With a data recovery plan, customers and employees will have a piece of mind that any data, private or not can be recovered. The faster you can get back on your feet, the happier your clients will be. 

Having a data recovery plan in place is like taking out another insurance policy on your company. It is a set plan or procedure to protect your IT infrastructure from falling victim to any type of disaster or attack and ensure your data is safe and can be recovered.

Each businesses plan will be different, but the first step we recommend is having a reliable backup software installed on all of your devices.

Syncrify by Synametrics technologies is a cloud backup solution with no 3rd party involvement. This means you are in total control of your data and no other person ever has access to it. The backups are saved on a server you designate to host Syncrify while the client is installed on the machines you wish to backup. 

For more information on Syncrify and data Syncrifyrecovery visit

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Created on: Aug 31, 2018
Last updated on: Jul 11, 2024


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