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Alternative to Comet backup for MSPs


With the increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives, safeguarding our data through backups has become more critical than ever before. From protecting against accidental deletion to protecting against cyber threats and ensuring regulatory compliance, data backup plays a pivotal role in preserving the integrity and continuity of valuable information. Selecting the right backup software is akin to choosing a guardian for your digital assets. It shields your data from mishaps, hackers, and other threats. Ensuring that your files, be they family photo albums or critical work documents, are always accessible when needed. Moreover, it evolves with your requirements as technology advances, offering peace of mind knowing your data is secure. Two popular options for data backup are Comet Backup and Syncrify. While both provide secure methods for data protection, they serve slightly different purposes, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. Comet Backup is a popular software used to provide backup services.

Similarly, Syncrify stands out for its emphasis on self-hosted backup solutions, providing users with complete control over their data storage and security. Regardless of the choice between Comet Backup and Syncrify, having a reliable backup strategy is essential in today's constant connectivity and evolving cyber threats. It ensures the availability and integrity of your data and contributes to business resilience and peace of mind.

Comet - Cloud Backup Solution

Comet provides a backup platform for MSPs, IT providers, and businesses. It is an all-in-one white-label platform for streamlined backup management. It offers self-hosted backup software designed for MSPs who want to provide a backup service to their clients. Recently, Comet introduced a new pricing policy, forcing many existing customers to look for an alternative.

Syncrify - a Private Cloud Backup Solution

Syncrify is a versatile data backup solution for individuals and businesses seeking to protect their valuable information. Offering flexibility without constraints on size, bandwidth, or backup frequency, Syncrify allows users to securely back up files, folders, and entire systems to any web space or server. Its intuitive web-based interface simplifies administration tasks such as user management and monitoring. Advanced features like Rsync Incremental Backup and a multi-tier backup system optimize performance while minimizing network resource usage. Syncrify prioritizes data protection, enabling users to establish a private cloud infrastructure within their organization for enhanced privacy and security. Compatible with various operating systems and devices, Syncrify ensures seamless backup operations across diverse environments. Whether for personal or business use, Syncrify provides reliable tools to keep data safe and accessible at all times.

While Syncrify and Comet have comparable features, Syncrify boasts that it offers similar features at a much better price, increasing the ROI for many MSPs. Below are some critical comparisons highlighting Syncrify's superior value proposition.

Similar Features:

  • Storage: Both software offers configurable storage, providing complete control to the MSP.
  • Backup Approach: Syncrify utilizes Rsync Incremental Backup, whereas Comet employs a chunking approach.
  • Multi-Tier Backup: Both Syncrify and Comet offer this feature.
  • Versioning: Multiple versions of backup data are available.
  • Data Protection: Both packages offer at-rest encryption.
  • Scheduling and Compatibility: Flexible scheduling is available in both packages.
  • Security: Both Syncrify and Comet ensure secure communication and file encryption.
  • Branding: Syncrify and Comet provide Branding options.

Additional features available in Syncrify:

Features Syncrify Comet
Two-way file Synchronization: Files can go in either direction, from source to destination or vice versa. N/A
SyncriBox Offers features like:
  • Synchronization across multiple devices as soon as a file changes.
  • Sharing large files online with friends/colleagues
Shared Project Share artifacts for a project between multiple users N/A

Additional Features with Operational Costs:

Features Syncrify Comet additional charges
Licensing Model Perpetual Subscription-based.
Client/Agent Cost $49 one-time $2/month/Device
Server Cost No extra charge $99/server/month or $199 / unlimited servers/month
Support for Synology No extra charge Synology $3 / device/month
Support for QNAP No extra charge N/A
MS SQL Server No extra charge Standard Booster: +$1 /booster/month.
Microsoft Exchange Server No extra charge Standard Booster: +$1 /booster/month.
Windows Disk Image No extra charge Advanced booster: +$3/booster/month

Comet recently announced new pricing for its self-hosted licensing model, which has left many users displeased . In light of this development, many users actively seek alternatives that provide more transparent pricing structures and greater flexibility in accessing and managing their backups. The requirement to uphold continuous payments for backup access has increased these feelings, prompting users to seek alternatives that offer more flexibility and transparency in pricing structures. The quest for a reliable backup solution prioritizes user control, and affordability has become paramount for those affected by Comet's pricing changes. Additionally, if you stop paying for Comet, you immediately lose access to your backups, and recovery steps must be followed to retrieve your data. They need to explore alternative solutions to safeguard their data without being tethered to ongoing payments.

On the other hand, Syncrify operates differently. Your initial cost covers all expenses, and the license is perpetual, meaning you can continue using it indefinitely in the purchased version. The only recurring fee with Syncrify is for the yearly optional support contract, which is relatively minimal compared to Comet's pricing. Moreover, Syncrify's support contract includes free upgrades, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements without additional charges.

As we conclude our comparison between Syncrify and Comet, it's clear that Syncrify offers a superior data backup solution. With its emphasis on privacy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Syncrify provides the peace of mind every individual and business needs. By prioritizing data security and accessibility, Syncrify ensures that your digital assets remain protected and accessible whenever needed. So, whether you're safeguarding personal memories or critical business data, make the smart choice and choose Syncrify for reliable, worry-free data backup. To learn more about Syncrify and its features, please click here.

Created on: May 8, 2024
Last updated on: May 26, 2024


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