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Alternative to FileCloud

Whether you collaborate on a project with team members or simply want to share some files with friends, using file sharing software is the way to go. File sharing is the public or private sharing of computer data, digital media, documents or other electronic files from one device to another. Having strong file management software allows users to not only view these files but quickly edit, modify, copy, and send back files easily and efficiently.

One key aspect of file sharing is having a strong security system to ensure that files do not get compromised during transit from one computer to another. A strong file management software will grant users all the perks of transferring files with advanced security protection. One such product is FileCloud.


FileCloud is a software that allows for users to ensure their files will be maintained and secure while easily accessible and shareable. FileCloud has two systems: FileCloud Server and FileCloud Online. With FileCloud Server, users will be able to run a private Dropbox-like file sharing and sync solution that can be integrated within an existing IT infrastructure. FileCloud Online allows FileCloud to host its own IT infrastructure wherever necessary, taking care of all technical details. With both options, FileCloud has to offer can certainly streamline the file sharing process; there are alternative solutions that offer similar features for a lesser cost and greater return on investment, all while not having to limit bandwidth or security details.


SynaMan is a 100% web-based solution that allows users to share files directly from their network with no third party interruption. A cost-effective solution for individuals and corporate users looking to transfer files of any type or size to any machine. With similar file sharing features to FileCloud, SynaMan also allows for usage across all operating systems, branding, and accessibility from any device. Whether you're looking to access folders on the go or send large attachments via email, SynaMan's intuitive web interface can support your business needs while ensuring your privacy is maintained as you browse, edit, update, and share files anywhere and at any time.

The table below showcases how the two solutions compare:

FileCloud SynaMan
Server monitoring that provides an overview of user activities and informs on changes being made. Download notifications can be sent via email when someone uploads or downloads files from a specified folder.
Manage users, groups, storage quotas, and granular security policies. User accounts that are protected by user id and passwords. Administrators can associate multiple shared folders to these accounts with customizable read/write access.
Full encryption of files at rest and encryption during transit. File transfers and administrative tasks can be encrypted using SSL. A self-signed SSL certificate comes bundled with the product.
Two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication and an audit trail to easily backtrack user activity and security alerts that send emails to the administrator when a violation occurs.
Customizable design with the theming app to modify the look of the cloud. Branding to modify the name and logo that appears on the screen to give the cloud a more personal touch.
Large file support allows for upload and share with no size limit. Embedded SMTP Server allows users to send emails with large attachments. The SMTP server extracts attached files and creates a public link that can be downloaded by the recipients using a web browser.
Remote access, share, and sync. Access important files anywhere with the intuitive web interface allowing users to copy, move and download or upload files as if you are working locally. Ability to edit documents in real-time.


While both file management solutions are strong collaborative tools that provide storage, sharing, and secure transfer capabilities, there are advantages to choosing SynaMan as an alternative to FileCloud. While providing many of the same benefits as FileCloud, SynaMan allows users to easily access and ensure that communication is constantly protected through best productivity practices and enhanced security protocols. SynaMan also includes a variety of packages that work for both those aiming to implement security and heighten secure communication and productivity throughout an entire office or a variety of home and corporate environments. Unlimited data transfers and storage capabilities allow for greater access and a more enjoyable user experience. Enterprise security and Active Directory Integration allows users to feel secure while also not having to compromise on time or productivity. SynaMan is a product, not a service. This allows for organizations to purchase one time and continue to utilize all of the benefits SynaMan has to offer with no additional cost.

To learn more about SynaMan, please visit here.

Created on: May 25, 2021
Last updated on: May 26, 2024


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