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IT Products Vs. IT Services

Many IT software companies offer their customers services rather than products. You may be asking yourself, what is the difference between products and services? A product is something concrete and it is something tangible. Products are items that you can purchase and then they're yours for the keeping indefinitely. On the other hand, services are harder to define. They are less concrete and more of some sort of an exchange. With a service you may get a product, but you pay for some sort of assistance and consulting with a contractual obligation. 

IT companies often use services for business as a means that comes along with the product. It is a constant exchange. You get your product but you also must get continuing costly service assistance in order to keep the product. It can quickly become something expensive for a customer to get caught up in. This makes purchasing from IT companies that offer products a competitive and smarter choice.

The main difference between products and services is cost. Products are purchased once and they are yours. Services are purchased, but usually have some sort of annual or monthly fee attached to continue getting what you have asked for. Services are an ongoing deal, whereas products are a one-time purchase. In the end, services tend to add up costs more than a one-time fee from a product.

At Synametrics Technologies, we believe in selling products, not services. You purchase your software products for a one-time price and they are yours indefinitely. We do not believe in monthly fees, set up fees, bandwidth user fees, or putting a limit on disk space. We do offer support services along with our products, but they are not required for purchases. We believe in giving our customers quality products for affordable competitive pricing.

To find out more about our products at Synametrics Technologies, visit our website or contact us via phone or email.

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Created on: Apr 7, 2016
Last updated on: May 28, 2024


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