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Business Benefits Of Data Warehousing with Snowflake and WinSQL

As businesses continue to grow, so does the reliance on technology to ensure all company information can be found and stored in one safe location. Each company has one similar and imperative goal to get them on the path to success: make strong and long lasting business decisions to ensure secure transactions. Whether an organization is looking to transfer data or simply understand massive amounts of company or customer information, it is essential that technology is on your side. A strong place to start is by looking at the prospect of a data warehouse. A data warehouse is a system that pulls together data from many different sources within an organization. Businesses may seek out this solution for a variety of reasons including:

  • Carrying out data to produce business insights stored in large databases
  • Conducting market research
  • Analyzing user patterns and behavior online to make business decisions

While companies strive for greater organization and a fully established connection between databases, Snowflake is one effective and efficient solution. Using this application, corporations are able to gather and organize data from a variety of sources to more easily analyze and create business insights. While data warehouses can serve as a corporate wide repository for all or selected data sets, it can also help smooth along all operational systems within a business. Along with these helpful perks, here are a few other benefits of utilizing a data warehouse like Snowflake.


  • Time Efficient: Utilizing a data warehouse to store data from distinct sources allows for information to be easily consolidated while also making it easier for a company to integrate the data in their day-to-day business patterns. A data warehouse can be fairly simple to use requiring limited assistance from IT personal and allowing corporate organization to flow at a more steady and efficient pace.

  • Consistent Collection of Data: Products like Snowflake can convert data from many places and put it into one consistent format. This is helpful in ensuring that each person in an organization that touches the data will have a greater understanding and more consistent results when analyzing or viewing the data. Overall, this will lead to more accurate data and more concrete business decisions and overall corporate understanding of collected data.

  • Stronger Business Decisions: Companies like Snowflake help move insights from your data into new directions and at a more efficient rate regardless the size of a business. Data warehousing gathers stronger insights for decision makers to analyze in a cohesive database that holds past and present data. Transforming this data into data reports, power holders in a company can make more precise and reliable decisions while backing up their decision with easily understandable reports.

  • More Security: Snowflake is made to ensure that minimal breaches or failures occur to limit destructive impacts on customers. Designed to operate continuously and tolerate component and network failures, this solution is SOC 2 Type II certified. Added security measures include support for PHIO and HIPAA customers along with encryption across all network communications.

It is imperative for businesses to understand the added benefits and stronger potential for success when utilizing a data warehouse like Snowflake. More importantly, business can take these benefits to the next level by implementing WinSQL into their everyday business. The universality of WinSQL ensures that your data can be kept safe, up to date, and simply edited. WinSQL is a powerful universal database management tool and generic querying tool that connects to any relational database (RDBMS) for which an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver is available.

Cloud warehouse

Using WinSQL with Snowflake

This collaboration allows for users to:
  • Create Integrate data coming from Snowflake in MS Excel

  • Import tabular data from CSV files or MS Excel sheets into Snowflake tables

  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) directly from another database into Snowflake. For example, you can run a SELECT query into an Oracle DB and INSERT the results in a Snowflake table

  • Draw E/R diagrams representing the design visually

  • Generate code in Java, C# and PHP that performs CRUD operations on Snowflake data

  • WinSQL Data Migration


    Businesses will continue to rely heavily on online sources and technology to ensure that business continues to boom. The best way to ensure that data is collected and analyzed properly to make stronger business decisions is by implementing a data warehouse. Snowflake provides for a strong solution and holds many benefits that will allow for ease of use and greater collaboration between corporate colleagues when analyzing customer reports. For added benefits, using WinSQL elevates the already strong framework Snowflake has built for organizations looking to maintain and analyze large amounts of data. For more information on WinSQL and Snowflake, please click here.

    Created on: Nov 2, 2020
    Last updated on: Jun 15, 2024


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